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Re: A note on "Conspiracy" theories
« Reply #20 on: June 24, 2020, 07:07:46 PM »
Hello friends.

Have any of you noticed that any "conspiracy" theory tends assume the government is hiding something.  Maybe wrongfully?

Is it possible that things do "Transpire" but for natural reasons?   Such and such dispute arose from natural phenonena, and not b/c somebody planned out?

Yes most of them going around today are bad government ideas.  That or shadow government. 

I have a fairly mixed group of friends where politics are concerned.  I have never seen so many seemingly smart people spouting these.

A short list of ones that I hear about BLM and the virus.

From the right: This is all a scam to

force us into socialism.
get rid of Trump and all republicans
start a race war
start a class war
take our guns away

From the left: This is all a scam to

keep Trump and all republicans in office
start a race war
make guns sound like a good idea

Nothing Guest has ever said should be taken as representative of anything other than Guest's own delusions opinions.