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Re: Proof of Flat Earth in DFW, Texas?? You decide!
« Reply #120 on: June 03, 2020, 03:03:01 PM »
I lack the space and the tools to do it, but my method would yield something like this;

Take a steel tape measure or similar semi-rigid material, of length 6.371 metres. This corresponds to the mean radius of Earth of 6,371km, according to the textbooks.

Fix it at one end, such that you can rotate it around this end, and with a pen or pencil attached to the other, draw an arc on paper. This is a scaled-down Earth surface arc, such that 6,371km is scaled down to 6.371 metres. 1km = 1mm at this scale.

Measure out 7.24cm of this arc. This is equivalent to the 45 miles or so from the observer to the Reunion Tower.
72.4km = 72.4mm at scale = 7.24 cm

Draw the heights of observer and Reunion Tower at each end of this measured arc, and the intermediate hill at the appropriate distance from each, between them, and join them with a sightline (the blue line in my example).

Herein lies a problem at this scale, for each height (Ho = 259m, Hi = 198m, and Hr = 302m), is less than 1km, and hence at this scale will be less than 1mm. Not practical to draw them by hand.

So whilst I have the method, I lack the space and equipment to achieve this by hand. Would need a 63.71 metre tape measure to draw the arc

You can see how it works, though...

Perhaps JSS could use the digital drawing tool he used above to do this...?
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Not Flat. Happy to prove this, if you ask me.

Nearly all flat earthers agree the earth is not a globe.


Re: Proof of Flat Earth in DFW, Texas?? You decide!
« Reply #121 on: July 07, 2020, 06:33:46 AM »
OK.  If the creator of this string actually read all of the string from the source, the poster of the picture tells you almost exactly where he took the picture from--Near Tarrent County/Parker County lines and White settlement Road.  This makes the distance from where the photo was taken and Dallas to be approximately 43.3 miles.  Another thing the initiator of this string failed to mention is that the altitude of the photo's location and Dallas are strikingly different.  This is not taken at sea level, kids. 

I took 10 random elevations around the county line/White Settlement road intersection (ranging from 787 -925 feet) and took the lowest of the values (just to put myself at the greatest disadvantage possible) of 787 feet.  Just to remind you, the highest elevation was 925 feet and I BET the photographer was a lot closer to that elevation since he said it was his "favorite hill", but lets go with the lower.  Now the elevation of Dallas off of Google is 430 feet, but as you will see, it does not matter.  I used an altitude website to estimate altitude for 10 random areas around downtown Dallas area and the values I got ranged from 400-479 with the average being 438 feet, so pretty dang close.  Using zero refraction and an Earth curve calculator, the hidden distance from 787 feet high was a mere 52.2 feet--above sea level.  Using standard refraction, this dropped to a measly 3 feet. 

So can you see Dallas from that vantage point?  On a clear day, YES, every day and twice on Sunday.  So no, this is not proof of a flat earth.  Next…