The O Theory
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The Ovalution of the Earth – The O Theory 

You have to clear your mind of everything you have been taught or told, it was all based on a lie to misinform you and misguide you to hide the truth, then you have to start again using just what you can see feel and experience within nature, as nature is our only true guide.

The Earth is not a as what you have become to believe. It is a being in its own right and we live on one of her surfaces. Yes that’s right I said one of her surfaces. The flat earthers were part way right. Yes the earth is flat it is not a sphere in the aspect of what you know. The earth is not curved it is flat, a flat plane that is encompassed by a wall of ice known as Antarctica. This is provable with simple line of sight verification, the curved model just doesn’t work in physical verification, basically the numbers just don’t add up.

But this is only part of the story, we do not live on a disc in space.

We live on one flat plane of a dome which has a mirror dome underneath, so in essence we live inside a sphere but not on a globe.

If you look at nature you will see and understand what I mean, look at basic plant cells that have divided, they are separate cells attached by a dividing cell wall. This cell wall is our ground which is connected to the inner earth or the lower cell by a tunnel at the Arctic and tunnels running through the ice wall at the Antarctic, there are also various other tunnels connecting both realms at other locations on our plain. This ties in with the latest scientific evidence that there are vast underground oceans that hold more water that our earths oceans, these oceans of both sides link together through giant holes in the oceans floor.

This theory also allows for the inner earth civilizations that have been found and written about, giving the whole inner earth a more plausible foundation.

The dome over us encompasses both the sun and the moon, the latter was placed here millions of years ago to control the development of humans on this upper plain.

Basically our earth is a plant type cell that has divided, it is surrounded by the cellular membrane which has an inner and outer membrane level, between these membranes is a layer of fluid , just like the Cytoplasm fluid in plant cells.

The sun is the cell nucleolus, and since we have a divided cell we have a nucleolus or sun in both halves. Like I said the moon has been placed here to stunt and misdirect the development of this half of the cell, while the other cell has no moon and is therefore more advanced as its inhabitants development has not been tampered with.

Energy does not disappear, it can change shape and form but does not vanish, being a cell with its own power source the energy created by the nucleoli constantly flows throughout the whole cell moving from one nucleoli to the other.

With the suns nucleoli being the energy source that powers the cell, every 11 years the magnetic poles shift and we either get a solar maximum with lots of energy transmitting into the cell or we get a solar minimum where there is no sun spot activity which sends high amounts of UV radiation onto our plane, which has the effect of causing the earth to move and cause strong weather patterns. We are going into a solar minimum right now, in fact we are now entering a Grand Solar Minimum.

This fluctuation in energy is a totally natural occurrence and with both suns acting as positive and negative cells, feeding each other over and throughout they cycles to keep the cell alive and healthy.

There is no global warming or politically created environmental crisis, we are just experiencing the normal cycle of the cell in which we live.

The cells membranes have nuclear pores like all plant cells, these are the ways in which external beings enter and leave the cell, hence this allows for the presence of UFOs and other alien beings like the ones who control this plane of existence.

The moon was inserted by some other race through a split in the membrane known as the great rift, when this happened there was a great flood as the fluid between the membranes flooded down, this relates to the floods in ancient history. 

The perfect representation of our true earth is the symbol of balance the yin yang on its side, with the divide on the horizontal plane and showing the two nucleoli in each half with the dome or firmament covering the flat planes.

This theory opens up lots of questions, mainly since we live on this earth plain, how did we get here ? I have noticed over the years that nature reproduces itself in many ways but notably it has a finite amount of building blocks to use. We can see this in the landscape of our plain with various locations around the world being greatly similar to another area thousands of miles away. We see it in colour and hear it in sound, each only having a finite amount of combinations.

But not only this we can see it in the people of this plain… How many times have you seen someone who looks exactly like someone you know, but they are a totally different person from a different county with no linking family blood connections?

I have found that I am seeing this aspect more and more, as if I am being told something subliminally. Which leads me to conclude that our genetic make up is also finite on this plain and that our reproduction is not just a combination of the parents genes but also draws from a gene pool on this plain This being said explains why we get doppelgängers that are not related by blood, but it also means that our genes like everything else on this plain are also finite.

This inturn means that we as humanity are truly in an experiment with fixed rules controlling everything that happens, simply put we are in a petri dish in some sort of lab as some form of experiment.

The question is experiment by who or what and how do we make our escape?

Even in death we do not escape, with the imposed moon used to recycle our soul back onto this plain, thus perpetuating the cycle.

This in turn begs the question Is God our captor or our saviour?

Again I feel that by awakening to this theories possibility, we somehow free ourselves from the lies we have been taught over the centuries and in that act of freeing we allow our consciousness to transcend this plain and look at the bigger picture. Being that we as humanity are here for a reason and only by working together without any man made or imposed lies or religious obstacles  in our future can we find a way to release the whole of humanity from this cycle.

When you remove all that you have been taught and told and look at nature with a clear mind and eyes you will see simple patterns appear, relate these pattern to any problem or question and you will find a plausible answer.

This is therefore my O Theory , I am calling it that because like an O it is a continuous line that encompasses all within . As the ancient saying goes “As above so below”

I would be interested to hear your input and comments on this and hopefully find a  pathway out of this cell experiment.