Most of them believe the mainstream story, they aren't lying, they are deceived. As I said I worked on satellites myself, more specifically on the flight software (responsible for controlling the trajectory/orientation of the satellites, supposedly). I was given specifications that I had to turn into computer code. The problem is quite often there were logical contradictions in the specifications. That wasn't an isolated incident, it happened on many occasions. If I didn't uncover them and programmed the software according to the specifications there is no way the satellites could have flown properly. The guys I was working with were just turning the internally inconsistent specs into code like drones. With people like that working on critical parts of the satellites there is no way thousands of satellites are flying up there without any problem. Even the tests we conducted on the code to make sure it was working properly weren't foolproof. Back then despite all that I still believed the code I was writing was embedded on satellites orbiting up there. It took me many years to wake up.

Your friend who helped build the Space Shuttle's robot arm wasn't lying, she really built a robot arm. The friend taking seismology data from a craft on Mars isn't lying, she really believes that's what she's doing. Who is paying them for that work? Yourselves, through your taxes.

That work isn't pointless, it helps propagate the grand illusion that we're insignificant blobs of matter on a tiny speck of dust lost in an infinite universe, that there's nothing special about Earth or about us, that in the future life will become impossible on Earth and that in the distant future all life will become impossible in the universe, that everything will cease to exist, so as to make you believe that your life is meaningless and hide your true origins and your true purpose here. And while you're living in your bubble looking at pretty CGI and pursuing pointless materialistic goals, evil is spreading here on Earth and progressively enslaving humanity and destroying life and love and happiness.

Folks generally believe in Conspiracies (such as space travel being a hoax) so that they can make sense of a chaotic world and be assured that the Earth is the center of the universe and that we are not insignificant. In some cases, it's also to support religious belief or doctrine; a few folks that I've observed on this site fall into the "God-fearing" category with one citing religious doctrine with the Earth being flat and the Sun being only 6 feet in diameter.

It's a coping mechanism which consists of stitching together a narrative to help rationalize and make sense of our complex world. It's like eating comfort food.

When factual events, such as space travel and the moon landing, are difficult to comprehend as things humans actually achieved, than conspirators create a story or adopt notions that border on being delusional to ridiculous. You can't make this stuff up; it's fascinating. Its equivalent to the ridiculousness of aliens having visited Earth or the existence of BigFoot.

That's what you want to believe. I was an atheist and then an agnostic for most of my life, that didn't prevent me from seeing that science cannot prove that the Earth isn't flat or isn't at the center of the universe. All science can reasonably say is that a particular theory in which the Earth is round and orbiting the Sun is simpler than another particular theory in which the Earth is flat and at the center. This does not prove that there is no flat Earth theory that is simpler than the mainstream round Earth theory. And more and more it appears that observations/phenomena can be explained in a simple way within a flat Earth model.

As for the coping mechanism, it is a coping mechanism to refuse to seriously consider evidence when that evidence goes against one's own cherished beliefs. Such as the belief that powerful organizations wouldn't do that to you, wouldn't lie to you like that, wouldn't wish you ill. You want to believe that you are the master of your own life, that the bad things that happen in the world or in your mind are mostly an unfortunate consequence of the laws of physics, that there is no will behind them. You don't want to face the idea that powerful groups who have power over your life do not have your best interests at heart, but want you to be their slave, believing and accepting what you're told, so you can be controlled while they further their agenda. And that agenda doesn't lead to a world that is free and full of love and happiness. It leads to a world full of fear and suffering in which humanity is enslaved. And that isn't comforting. But the truth isn't easy to face.

The last three sentences of your above statement summarize perfectly your fear of what you may not understand in the world, and thus the need for a coping mechanism. You just made my point about the need for coping mechanisms.

Yes, there is a lot of evil in the world but it doesn't mean that an organization like NASA is some type of nefarious company with an underlying agenda to lie, deceive, and inflict evil. NASA's purpose is to advance our understanding of the world, the universe, etc.. through scientific study, observation, and research. It's nothing more and nothing less than that. But, people that get caught up in notions of conspiracies may develop delusions that border on the ridiculous, without having insight into just how delusional it's become.

As I have said in a previous post... the wiki on this site talks about the importance of knowing as apposed to believing. Knowing through experimentation and observing in order to seek the truth. Yet, the flat earth community's notion of the space travel conspiracy is based on a belief without any evidence to get to a position of knowing. It's an oxi-moron of an approach. When pushed for evidence, flat Earthers generally just state something along the lines of "it's CGI" or "pictures or photos showing curvature or round ball Earth are fake." Or, those astronauts are just actors and are all lying to us.
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