Hi all,

My name is Richard, and I am announcing the opening of a Flat Earth Society shopfront in Ivanhoe, Victoria (which is Melbourne, Australia for our foreign friends). We are an unofficial (at the moment!) affiliation, selling books, clothing, posters and are hoping to hold a number of public information nights for interested community members. We are a serious group, and hope to conduct a number of practical experiments going forward (forexample, we are scheduling the first of our rolling monthly Bedford Level Experiment demonstrations on October 1st).

Please come and check us out on Facebook (@FlatEarthSocietyVictoria), and if you're in the area, come around for a chat and to see the shop!

Best wishes,

Richard & Sebastian
20 Stortford Avenue
Ivanhoe, Victoria, 3079


P.s. here's a photo of our shop!

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