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Join me on an adventure in which some guy complains about problems he wasn't able to describe, and declares that if he was simply using an entirely different computer, he wouldn't have had those problems.

Embrace the thrilling action of the declaration of preparation, in which some dude explains that he owns screwdrivers and TWO USB flash drives.

Marvel at the mind-boggling problem-solving as some bloke declares that cloning hard drives is hard (and why the fuck wasn't that the first thing he tried, anyway?).

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Is this Thork’s small business blog?
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Sounds like some idiot made windows 10 recovery flash drives.  But his responses are too vague to know for certain.


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Notice how I’m not explaining any of the terms above? That’s because a regular Windows 10 user who’s savvy enough to replace the HDD with an SSD shouldn’t have to know what these things are.

Uhhhh I'm pretty sure you don't get to decide what the difficulty level of a project is, or what knowledge you should or shouldn't have to have.

"I shouldn't have to know how to solder to repair a circuit board!"
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