Re: When rockets launch....
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So what has become of the 7 astronauts then who would have had to have been in on the 'fake'. How come none of them has ever been seen or heard of since?  Have they been hiding away cut off from the rest of the world and their family and friends in some secret room that NASA has located somewhere for the last 33 years just so that NASA can keep something secret?

One of the Challenger astronauts was a school teacher so presumably all the staff of the school and the pupils who went to the school and were taught by Christa McAuliffe and those pupils families and friends would also have had to be in on it as well. I could go on but you get the picture.  To ask the kids from the school (who I'm sure were extremely excited and proud to know that one of their teachers was going to be a real life astronaut) to keep such a 'faked' death secret would be next to impossible. I can only imagine what their reaction would have been when they asked why they had to 'pretend' their teacher had been killed in a tragic shuttle accident. Children are excellent lie detectors but often hopeless at lying themselves.

I guess to some people, keeping a conspiracy theory alive for reasons of their own selfish belief is more important than considering the human effect that such stories can create.
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Re: When rockets launch....
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So which video is the real one  - this video is touted as evidence that the shuttle went into orbit but from the time of launch several camera cuts occur so it could be a montage , and to me that glitch could have occurred because the background is CGI , or the whole of it is CGI.
         Videos are problematic when used like this and are definitely not what I would term realistic .

What would make it more realistic for you?
I've seen realistic videos of dinosaurs - so , have I seen a dinosaur in reality ? Don't think so .
These videos of shuttle journeys are sometimes realistic but are not reality -  in the same way . The original video in question was shown as proof or reality - even though earth clearly jumped backwards with respect to the camera .

Proof is not a video .
Proof is not video. Kinda agree. But it's too easy of an out, for me, to blindly accept or blindly deny. In this case, a re-processed, re-rendered, re-uploaded video showing a frame drop or two is not surprising to me. Not something where I would call out the NASA illuminati nazis. Seems a reach where another video doesn't show such an 'egregious' anomaly. All a stretch, desperately looking for anything to show the 'hoax'.

Better proof of hoax required. And if video is not proof, I'm afraid the deniers have none.

The OP wanted an FE opinion - I gave a reasonable scenario which turned out to show all the infrastructure was there for this to be carried out via ascension island . It's perfectly feasible . At no stage have I posted that this actually happened , I suspect it may have . Why do I have to show proof ?

I enjoy debating from a different viewpoint but this is getting silly . The fact that videos are proof of nothing holds bothways.


Re: When rockets launch....
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I suspect it may have . Why do I have to show proof ?

We can all suspect or believe anything we want to and for as long as we want to. Proof is a difficult thing to define because something that qualifies as proof to one person might not to another.  I guess a debate that is based on nothing apart from what we suspect can potentially go on and on. What is the aim of such a debate? What can we conclude from it? You get two sides that suspect different things for their own reasons.  Its a bit like a never ending tug of war!
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