Why Does Water Look Flat?
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Many supporters of the flat earth believe that if the Earth is spherical, then water should flow to the low ground.

I am here today to inform you all, as to why this notion is incorrect, and the logic is flawed:

      The Earth is spherical -- while it may not be a perfect sphere, it is still round -- yet water is flat, and does not fall to the bottom of the globe. Why is that? Well, to explain why this is, I must introduce to you all the concept of space-time. Space-time does not have a similar metric to that of Newtonian physics, whereas time can be measured in meters, for example, since space and time are combined ceremoniously into a single metric. Unlike the common viewing of space and time -- Newtonian space-time -- where space and time are two completely different metrics.
      Space-time is what makes up our reality, our perception of time and space. It twists and contorts, and has no describable shape to it as it is four dimensional -- meaning it's existence consists of infinite 3-dimensional spaces, just like our three dimensional world consists of an infinite number of 2-dimensional planes. The only known way for space-time to be altered is with mass, where the point of most curvature in space-time will be around an object's center of mass. The more massive an object is, the greater the curvature the space-time around the object's center of gravity will be, hence the greater gravitational influence that object will have on others around it. Simply put: the more massive an object is, the more the space-time around it will contort.
      What does this have to do with the water on a round globe? Well, all matter follows the flow of space-time. Meaning that, objects with smaller mass will be attracted to objects with larger mass. Earth is made up of numerous objects, and is not a single piece of matter floating in the void of space. Earth is the grouping of those numerous objects, meaning that Earth's center of gravity will be at the center of the Earth -- give or take considering rise/fall in elevations -- . That is why water and all other objects 'fall' to the ground, and appear to be flat, since matter will always flow to the point of greatest curvature in space-time, which is the Earth's center of gravity in this case.

Have any questions, or things I can be clearer on? I'd be happy to answer them as best I can! :)

Re: Why Does Water Look Flat?
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Yes, but as Flat Earthers arbitrarily removed gravity and space/time warping from their universe laws, so your assumption that water is attracted to the center of a mass, will not work.

Re: Why Does Water Look Flat?
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They use the example of water on a sphere flying off
That is because the sphere's gravity force (it has some) is much smaller the centrifugal force.
So it flies off and the Earths gravity attracts it.

We can make anti-gravity force and make water adhere to the sphere.
Put some inside the sphere and spin.
Now the force of the sphere's surface is greater than the centrifugal force so it 'sticks' to the sphere.

If it were density related it would still fall to the bottom since it is denser than the air in the sphere.
It doesn't

Any acceleration feels like gravity, an elevator is a good example.
They accel up at ~1/2 g so you feel 'heavier',ie, the force of gravity is added to. Going down and accel has the opposite effect, lighter. Going down and decel heavier.

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Re: Why Does Water Look Flat?
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A basic calculation will show why.
Assume horizon is ~5 miles away standing on the shore.
Field of view ~ 115 degree or ~ 16 miles. This is an arc length assuming a globe of r = 4000 mi.

Angle=16/(2 Pi 4000) x 360 = 0.22918312 deg

Calculate the chord (flat line) between the arc's end points.
c = 2 x r x sin(ang/2) = 15.99998933 miles flat/line
vs 16 arc
or 0.00006667% difference

The human eye can't resolve/discern this difference. Ever see a picture hung crooked? Lol
Hence it looks flat or level.
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.