Pole to pole flight
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Not sure that was already posted, there is a record breaking round the globe pole to pole flight going on right now. They use a Gulfstream G650ER ultra long-range jet.


They have a live feed too (still in the air as I type):


I found the flight path on flightaware:

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Re: Pole to pole flight
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At this moment, 31:42 hours after takeoff they are flying right over Antarctica.
They depart from Florida KSC, straight North, over Canada, flew the North Pole, flew South over Russia, Kazhakstan, Indian Ocean, Mauritius island directly to South Pole, are crossing it, fly North over a little west of Chile (South America) and directly to Florida KSC for landing.  The whole flight to this moment Long:58, Lat:-84.18, Alt:42900ft Speed:478.  The total flight will be 40172km. This flight from Indian Ocean over South Pole, few hours later ending up almost over Chile on East Pacific ocean is a killing, isn't it?

Re: Pole to pole flight
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Big leap of faith to call that a pole to pole flight . Viewing the flight track log shows the plane flies no farther north than 67 degrees before heading south .
Then we see the airplane on its southern leg heading to 24 degrees south - then a 12hour gap in the data - the plane is then heading  north from 55 degrees south .

The longitude is all wrong for a circumnavigation of the globe also.

Fair to say that this is nothing like a pole to pole flight . It's better described as a polar region to polar region circular ( loose term ) flight .

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I can not find the flight patch track, where did you get it online?