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Re: Polaris & Alpha Crucis visibility
« Reply #20 on: May 07, 2019, 12:52:28 AM »
On magnification of the sun comments, this quote may have been missed:

This effect has two criterion:

1. The effect only affects illuminating sources of light above a certain intensity. It does not happen with all lights or light sources.

2. The effect only affects illuminating bodies in the far field. It does not occur when the light source is too close to the observer or camera. Light sources in the far field will appear to be the same size in the distance.

Clearly it is not happening with all light sources; otherwise everything would be magnified as you stated.

Per the questions in the OP on the southern stars, see this link: https://wiki.tfes.org/Southern_Celestial_Rotation

This doesn't directly address the issues at hand, just pushes them around some more as spherical laid out up above.
For 1) What is this "certain intensity"? How is that defined, measured? What's the cut-off, so to speak? #1 is the equivalent of, "It happens sometimes."
For 2) Basically the same thing as #1. What is this "far field"? How is that defined, measured? What's the cut-off, so to speak? #2 is the equivalent of, "It happens sometimes when stuff is kinda far from you."

The whole magnification wiki page needs to be re-worked. It's so full of vagaries with laser beams, movie projectors, sunglasses v solar filters, it's a veritable kitchen sink full of dirty and cracked dishes as explanations. Coupled with the setting sun Rowbotham wiki page all about vanishing points, 'laws of perspective'... FE Sunsets and Sunrises are an absolute mess if you rely on the wiki.
Not much is known about the celestial bodies and their distances.

Re: Polaris & Alpha Crucis visibility
« Reply #21 on: May 07, 2019, 05:03:31 PM »
Stack, congratulations by your post #1000.

Anyway, in all my long life I always found only two things impossible to be expressed by correct mathematical form;

1) The animal emotions
2) A cult

When you crash your car, you may explain it by science, using kinetic energy, vectors, speed, mass, space, time, impact, energy released, resultant vectors, mass deformation, rotation, heat, etc, and even providing math calculations for that (car's manufacturers use lots of those calculations to understand and construct a better and safer vehicle), OR, you can say it was the result of evil forces in action. 

In certain ways, even animal emotions can be anticipated, programmed, calculated, promoted, manipulated. 

A cult can only be followed.

Below some of thousands of pictures at Internet showing that even under heavy fog, lights get dim and smaller at distance, never enlarged and stronger. When the air/atmosphere becomes denser by any reason (smoke/fog) it refracts and disperses strongly the photons, in some cases even blocking them, this is more pronounced in high energy / high frequency photons - this is why car's fog-light is usually yellow.  There is not a single scientific proof that an illuminated image can become enlarged or brighter based on "light intensity" or how far it is.  I also would love to see any proof of that in math or optics form, or evidence reproduced in laboratory.