Re: Universal Acceleration - how does the ISS maintain an orbit?
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Also, pay attention that ISS orbit is not circular around the North Pole, there is an orbital inclination of 51.6°, each orbit takes around 92 minutes, depending on ISS altitude.  So, how and why the ISS altitude changes its orbital time?   And, what kind of force or energy makes each orbit to advance its non circular path over the same place on FE ?  On RE it is very much simple to explain, indeed, not needing any extra energy to advance its position each orbit.

This off the center path on FE would put the orbital pivot closer to equator line, but then this circling would cover much more degrees when closer to North Pole than when closer to the edge (ice wall).  What causes this totally not circular (more an egg shape path) motion on FE ?

Observe on the second image above, how easy is to perform such orbital inclined path, just apply some angle and voilá, it will automatically advance its position above ground for each orbit, even considering the path to be a straight line over the globe, with just few corrections for altitude and direction now and then, just to keep going on the planned path.  This is why FErs want terrible to dismiss any possibility to admit the existence of satellites, it is incredible difficult (to impossible) to explain them over FE.

Below a drawing of what ISS orbit would be (without the position advancement) over FE

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Re: Universal Acceleration - how does the ISS maintain an orbit?
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I have read all of these comments and I don’t feel any more enlightened as to how satellite or space station orbit occurs in the flat earth model. For the people here who are defending Flat Earth theory: I am sure you have to put up with so much crap. This debate really brings out the worst in people. But don’t forget there are people who are genuinely and honestly interested in your opinion, making sarcastic comments or insults, and saying ‘use the search function’ isn’t a very welcoming response for the people who are new and nervous about asking their own questions. (The Search function is not helpful by the way - have you tried using it to find a specific answer from someone?)