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Re: What do all FEs agree on
« Reply #20 on: March 19, 2019, 09:16:28 AM »
'Are countless indications of deception and cover-up around anything'
No, I don't recall 7/11 faking store openings, or sports teams posting CGI renditions of fake stadiums.

'Religions are subjective and different' 
Yet virtually all believe in a geocentric universe and a Creator, which is all I'm talking about.

'Aren't under dispute from anyone reputable or smart'
Actually, they are. Just Google 'gravity not a force' or 'Einstein special relativity wrong' and you will find untold dozens of maximally educated PhDs disputing that they exist as we have been taught.

'My fiance and I getting married at 29 is the same as 666 twice'
You and your fiance are probably unknown people and got married at a common age, and marrying at the same age is common. The odds of that may be something like 1 in 50. The speed of the Earth revolution and invention of gravity are arguably the two most central concepts in heliocentrism, and both carry the same triple digit number that could have been any 3-digit number. It's like rolling the same number on a thousand-sided die twice. The odds of this are somewhere around 1 in a million (1 in 1000 squared). Are you sure you're someone who should be talking about dumb people and intelligence?

'Living in a dome doesn't make us feel special'
Life has nothing to do with the shape of the Earth, and I believe there's something afterwards. Were a firmament to exist, it would not engender negative feelings within me. Heliocentrism is rife with rhetoric suggesting insignificance, lack of meaning: 'stuck on a floating rock' 'insignificant dust' 'space dust' etc.

'We've yet to find another intelligent species'
Bad assumption based on false premise. There may be no other intelligent species. Aliens are fake, UFOs are fake, alleged sightings per year are up 1200x since founding of UN; it's all a psy-op to get you ready for fake alien encounter to usher in world govt.
thanks for the reply. :) although I’d have preferred you using my actual words and not your interpretation of them.

That’s great, I can point out things that happened too and claim then that there is no conspiracy around them. "The murder suspect has no hands" isn’t proof that he didn’t strangle someone, Just as store openings isn’t proof of conspiracies afoot. You have the right frame of mind though, please keep questioning the reality of conspiracies.

Also not that it matters but my partner isn’t my fiancé, never will be (marriage is pointless to me and I don’t want children) and we only met 2 years ago in a pub after I moved to a new city. We didn’t meet when we were young and at school where everyone would be around the same age as the people surrounding them.  :)

I also agree with you that aliens may not exist and that all ufo sightings or alien abductions are probably fake. It’s more probable that aliens do exist even if we haven’t made contact with any yet (and may never make contact for all I know). Since known life on earth is made of the most abundant elements in the universe i’d Wager we aren’t the only planet with life in the universe. Of course it’s possible alien life in the universe does not exist but that fact in it’s self isn’t proof that aliens don’t exist.

You can interpret space however you want but I don’t think of life on earth as insignificant specs of dust like you may do and even then, if the reason you want to believe something is because you don’t like the idea of the opposite, then I think that’s the wrong reason to believe something. For example, I don’t hate the idea of a flat earth or the existence of a god. The reason I think those things aren’t true is just because my perception of the evidence against them are vast.

Regarding ‘gravity not a force’ apologies but I won’t refute that, i’ll do as you say and google it to read up on the subject before I comment further I just don’t want you to think I’m ignoring what you said. :) I will say that our understanding of what gravity is is still lacking, humans currently don’t have all the facts. I don’t dispute there is still discussion on what gravity is (different from saying there is dispute about the existence of gravity). Anyway i’ll Get back to you on this subject when I get the chance. ^^
Tom is wrong most of the time. Hardly big news, don't you think?