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Obviously many of you jump onto ISS videos claiming that they are fake or doctored in some way, form, or fashion, but that is another topic for another day I think.

This is an interesting video. I don’t see an explanation for why water or any liquid would act this way except that of a gravity free or microgravity.
Seems like a good investigation to me that proves the ISS is real. I can look at it with my telescope too. Another investigation.

Anyone have any opinions on the video? If it’s faked, care to explain how?

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There's a few out there like this, here's a cool one for example

But I think the answer you'll get is that it's all cgi. And to be fair with todays technology fluid is getting easier to simulate, take this realtime example;


in that simulation, the little balls can be rendered as meta balls that morph together, here's an example in blender;

I mean, I personally think the OP video is real but I can see how it's also possible to fake with todays CGI capability and so it will remain a popular argument against zero gravity. :P

Here's another fun example of how a bubbles surface tension might be made in cgi (in real time again) :D

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Tom is wrong most of the time. Hardly big news, don't you think?