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Apparently it happens with turkeys sometimes, but the offspring rarely survive.

Also, they've made viable mouse embyos in the lab using parthenogenesis.

Nothing you just said had anything to do with what you originally posted. You promised me lesbian lizards. You said nothing about parthenogenesis, nor did you talk about why you think it should be "a genetic clone of the mother" which doesn't happen in parthenogenesis even if that is what you were talking about.

I respect your ability to google things after you realize you had no idea what you were saying, but it doesn't really make up for the fact everything you said is wrong.

In some species, the female lizards will only lay viable eggs if they've had the equivalent to sex with another female lizard. Sounds quite lesbian to me.
There are 2 kinds of parthenogenesis, one which only uses half of the mother's chromosomes, and another which uses the full set.
Dolly the sheep was a clone of her mother, and was created using parthenogenesis in the lab.
I'll admit that I may be wrong in the "the earth is a sphere" sense, where it's really an oblate spheroid.
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Re: Return of the Messiah!
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The way you describe it, parthenogenesis would always result in female offspring.  The nun's child is a male.
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