Mind-Changing Evidence
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Flat Earthers,

I have been considering the possibility of a flat earth for the last couple of years, but have not completely settled on my views yet.

What piece of evidence, theory, or reading changed your mind? I’m sure it wasn’t a sudden change or a single piece of literature, but what have you found to be the most compelling?


Re: Mind-Changing Evidence
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The greatest single work that helped open my eyes to Globalist lies was Edward Hendrie's book    
The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not a Moving Globe
. As a good christian man, Edward Hendrie delivers biblical proof and irrefutable evidence that the Earth is flat. After reading this amazing research, I couldn't see the world, society, and life the same. I was freed from the deception of heliocentric normatives and I no longer could swallow the lies being fed to me. I highly recommend reading this book, especially if you are still battling Globalist misconceptions.