Establishing a scientific database of proof
« on: October 22, 2018, 06:27:59 PM »

I'm a young engineer. During my time at university, I became more and more sceptics to the global earth theory. I never bashed on anybody for someone views, after all, scientific debates have been around since a long time ago, so i think results speaks louder than words. And that takes me to my point here. I want to devellop a larger databank of experiments who could be cited afterward. Of course I couldn't get any grant or anything with a premise about flat earth.

So me and two of my friends started a small physic lab with this only goal.

We are still looking for a name and we want to help you realize experiment we think can be demonstrated scientificly,

So, if you have a great idea, let us know!


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Re: Establishing a scientific database of proof
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Not really a S&C topic as far as I can tell. Since it seems at least related to FE in general, I am moving to FEC.
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Re: Establishing a scientific database of proof
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I'm very interested in these experiments. Please post any result or keep me updated!
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