Mass of the Earth
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Have done some ssearching online but this information seems difficult to come by, what is the mass of the flat earth?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Mass of the Earth
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That depends on what you see as "earth". Because no one knows whats beyond Antarctica, no one knows how much "land" there is, no one can answer how much the earth weighs

Re: Mass of the Earth
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Surely the mass of the earth will be everything within the bounds of the atmosphere surrounding us?  Also we only "weigh" anything thanks to universal acceleration, if we make an assumption that we have in fact reached a terminal velocity of the speed of light at an acceleration of approximately 9.8m/s^2 is it possible to determine the mass of earth?

Re: Mass of the Earth
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So you mean the celestial dome that surrounds us and that is limited by the huge antarctic wall. In this case, yes.
However, we don't know how thick the earth is, so...well... back to square one.


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Re: Mass of the Earth
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You also don't know what the mass of the dome would be either.  Since the dome must be attached to the earth and an airtight seal in place at the edge, I would consider it part of the 'earth' as well.   I haven't ever seen any hypothetical 'specifications' for the size of the dome or it's composition.  Some say it's just energy, some say it's like molten glass, and some say it's plasma.  I would propose a DOMER  expedition to the 'edge' so careful samples can be taken and a scientific study undertaken.  With all the toxic pollution that's being generated on the earth I would hate to see that damage the dome in anyway.  With the dome damaged a lot of bad things could happen to us earthlings.  There's just no place like DOME.
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