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Re: Force of Gravity Real or Fake?
« Reply #20 on: August 25, 2018, 05:19:48 PM »
I just looked at the UA page on the Wiki and found this:

The Davis model, suggested by John Davis, states that gravity does indeed exist. In this model, the Earth is an infinite disk with finite gravity.

I'm interested by the phrase "infinite disc". What does that mean? If it's infinite then where is the edge? You can have an infinite plane but you can't have an infinite any other shape.

I've posted the video of the Cavendish experiment a few times on here and never had a sensible response. Gravity isn't something one can choose to believe in or not, the force of it can be measured in a repeatable experiment. I did have a look to see if I could find any FE response and I found this:

Admittedly the first one I found but all he's done is taken a video of someone explaining the experiment and then used a mixture of argument from incredulity and straw manning.

He says the experiment has never been replicated which is demonstrably untrue.

He says it's the only experiment which you can do to measure G which I imagine is not true and even if it is it's irrelevant - or only relevant if the experiment is flawed somehow.

He dwells on the fact that "the technician sawed it apart" - "it" being some of the apparatus and he claims it's because the experiment doesn't work. Actually all that is said in the video is that it was sawed apart out of frustration because of how difficult it is to get the experiment right which, given what a weak force gravity is, makes sense.

There's a caption on the video which says they were "way ahead of us in the 18th century" - as in their experiments were far more sensitive then. Literally the next bit of audio you hear after that caption states that Cavendish's experiment measured G to an accuracy of 1% and "No-one improved on that for 100 years". So clearly subsequent experiments did improve on it.

In brief, I've yet to hear an actual rebuttal of the Cavendish experiment - and therefore gravity - which doesn't use straw manning or incredulity.

I've seen this video before.  In it the FE proponent does such a poor job I wonder if it's done to intentionally make Flat Earthers look bad.  For example, claiming the experiment hasn't been replicated is such an empty claim.  Just search for "Cavendish experiment" and you will find many examples and videos of the experiment replicated.  This makes Flat Earthers look dumb.

I've also seen videos attempting to address experiments where a dense and a non-dense object are dropped in a vacuum.  Same thing, there are many videos of people doing it in high school classrooms and other places.  None of the responses make any sense, they just make Flat Earthers look dumb.

Buoyancy and density doesn't have any strong arguments either, the vacuum experiment above cannot be align with buoyancy and density.

Are there any real attempts to address gravity by Flat Earthers?  I'd love to see some, so far I haven't seen anything interesting.

I love this site, it's a fantastic collection of evidence of a spherical earth:
Flight times
Full moon
Horizon eye level drops
Sinking ship effect

Re: Force of Gravity Real or Fake?
« Reply #21 on: August 27, 2018, 07:55:12 PM »
Fake may be a harsh word. I have always had this theory that if we are in an enclosed dome then there is no such thing as the "Force" of gravity. It is simply what goes up will fall down if it faces no resistance. So again if we live on a flat plane in a dome there would be no force holding us down, we are simply on a flat surface.


If there was no resistance why would anything ever stop going up?