Magnetic Poles
« on: April 25, 2019, 09:20:52 PM »
Can you please explain how flat earth model has a somehow tick disc of dirt and rocks, with strong magnetic poles, being the North in the center and the South all around such disk?   Even a magnet in form of a donut or torus can not present such property.  It is impossible, it will be an external monopole.  If you lean a little bit about magnetic lines fields of force, you will realize each magnetic line leaves one pole and travels in a circular form and arrives at the other pole, so all lines are equivalent.  Imagine lines of force leaving your flat earth south pole, all around the ice wall, billions of lines, and arriving to a single point in the North pole, the magnetic force there would be fantastic and impossible strong.   That is not the case, se can measure the magnetic force properties on the South pole and on the North magnetic pole and find them exactly the same.   Care to explain this both discrepancies when considering the flat earth model?  It would be a complete havoc, but it is not.    The third point is, I am really curious to read about your explanations about how the flat earth generates a movable magnetic force, if not as a huge ball of melting rocks and iron rotating inside your planet, generating magnanimous electric current and magnetic fields.  Remember, the magnetic poles move in time, this is only possible with the spherical model.  Please explain.