Finding the Edge
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First time poster so please forgive me if this has been asked before elsewhere.

I was wondering if there is anyone who has ever, or plans to, find the edge of the earth? If you believe there is one that is. I'm new to this particular theory and I can't say I'm convinced either way yet (hence joining the discussion!) but this intrigues me the most. Rather than focussing on theories about proving the lack of curvature, would the evidence be more indisputable if we found the edge?

If it's even possible how would you theorise finding it? Would a compass work and simple keeping it pointing away from North? What would you suggest the best route would be?

Again apologies if this is a stupid question...


Re: Finding the Edge
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What if the compass is your enemy? For instance, what if you believe your traveling in a straight line “west” and your going in a circle? Does this make sense? Toss out the compass and sail straight ahead to find the edge!