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Introduction/Fanatical Behavior
« on: March 23, 2019, 03:29:25 PM »
This will be my first post on the website though I have been studying FE possibilities for years now. I'd like to first thank everyone for any insight or opinions they have.

My first topic regards fanatical behavior like the title says.

In researching the shape of the earth I have found many experiments to provide proof to both sides. For instance when the Greeks experimented by putting sticks in the ground at 2 different locations. They used trig to determine angles and distances. The problem with this is that trig does not work when the observer occupies one of the points on the triangle. The observer must be exactly that, the observer, in the 3rd person. So the Greek Stick experiment and objects like sundials only provide proof based on bias'd information prior to the experiment. The sundial also provides proof for both sides. Whether the earth is flat or round, in both models the sun travels along the equator and the equivalent circle on a flat earth map. As a result the sundial will provide "Proof" for both sides as the results for both experiments will be the same. There are likely more experiments that prove both arguments.

In modern times the proof seems overwhelming in favor of round earth. The only problem with this proof is that it is data interpreted by extra-sensory machines. Our eyes and ears simply can not see or hear what is going on in the universe without some help. 99.9% will never see the raw data, only the data interpreted. While I claim to have no answers on whether the earth is round or flat, I can draw parallels between human behavior that could suggest deception. So often in history, the leaders of people have asked them to let go of sense and reason to trust them....or god.....or science. So when powerful people approach me with facts but are unable to give me raw data, I wonder if this is the same fanatical behavior such as the Inquisition. Believe us. Don't believe your senses. Don't believe your reason. Believe us or be exiled.

I am not religious, but draw ideas from religious times because until recently, science and religion had a relationship in that both tried to provide answers for all the whys and whats of the world. More recently it seems science has pulled ahead because it supposedly provides more proven facts. So if the interpretation of the data from the extra-sensory machines from the smartest 0.01% of the people in the world is accurate then the world is round. If these people are fanatical about science and religion then the world is probably flat.

There is too much information in the world to absorb it all so I take a more Humanistic Occam's Razor approach. Is it more likely that the sun is a nuclear reaction 400,000+ miles across and 93 million miles away or that it is a few miles in size hovering right above us. To me, how gravity holds a universe model sun in place and how a FE sun stays in place are just as inexplicable. So I'll go with the better odds. In fact I feel like they have made the universe model so enormous that I almost have to believe FE by default. Popular science fiction topics that people seem to think will be reality in the future, I have a few questions about.

#1 has to be the amount of energy needed to travel in space. Unless we are able to break some of the laws of physics and create a warp drive or something, we don't have the energy to leave the solar system. If somehow we could harness the energy without breaking the laws of physics, communication and navigation seem to be huge hurdles. Everything is moving so fast, how could you possible chart a course? You would have to guess where the celestial body you want to land on would be. Guess at how much energy you would need since there will be countless gravitational forces pulling the vessel in all directions. The object would likely be moving so fast that you could not catch it but would have to somehow position yourself in front of it as it passes. Space travel seems impossible.

#2 would be colonizing Mars. It is infinitely easier to just repair the Earth. Terra-forming a dead planet is science fiction, it has never been done. The earth has hundreds of millions or trillions of gallons of water on its surface. You would either need to find that much water on Mars or transport it from earth.

#3 isn't science fiction to most, but it is to me. Gravity. Magnets do everything that they say gravity does but better. To me gravity shares more traits with a deity or god than any law of physics.

Simple is better.


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Re: Introduction/Fanatical Behavior
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2019, 04:12:28 PM »
You're right about Mars, complete waist of time and money. Furthermore, procreation in at least the first few hundred years amounts to nothing less than astronomical child abuse. I don't need to explain why.
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Anyone who would pay Richard Branson hundreds of thousands of dollars for the visual confirmation that we are all doomed to the unforgiving abyss of space, definitely deserves to know that.

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