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1. Has Earth been proven to be flat or is its true shape merely unknown?

2. Is newtonian gravity as a general concept real or a mirage, a side-effect of other physical phenomena such as the density of an object?
What experiment convinced you that newtonian gravity is/isn't real?

3. Is the movement of the Sun known (e.g. it moving in a circle above FE) or is the true movement of the Sun still unknown and subject of research?

4. Do the other planets move above Flat Earth in a similar way as the Sun or do they move apart from Earth in astronomical distances?

5. Is there a universe full of stars or are they affixed to a dome?

6. Are Einstein's theories of General Relativity and Special Relativity accepted in the FE-community?
What experimental proof convinced you that they are correct/incorrect?

7. Does sunlight move in straight lines in the atmosphere (as postulated by Rowbotham) or does it move in curved lines (as postulated in the "Electromagnetic Accelerator")?

8. Are man-made satellites real? Yes or No?

9. What percentage of the FE-community is creationists? (Rough estimate.)

10. What percentage of the FE-community believes in the Nasa and space-travel conspiracy? (Rough estimate.)