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Technology & Information / Re: Computers are a conspiracy
« on: November 30, 2015, 09:50:21 PM »
No.  A CPU is a very sophisticated calculator that executes instructions to perform binary math and logic operations.

But isn't a calculator a type of computer?  Are you telling me that the inside of the Intel mystery chip of magic is a tiny calculator, and inside of the calculator's CPU is another calculator?  Oh, this is priceless.

Flat Earth Community / Re: What if I applied to become an astronaut?
« on: November 30, 2015, 09:43:00 PM »
It's more efficient to send inexperienced people into space?  ???

Are you saying that NASA hires inexperienced people?  LOL.

Technology & Information / Computers are a conspiracy
« on: November 30, 2015, 07:45:15 PM »
Before anyone asks, I do believe that computers exist because I am currently using one.  We are just being lied to about how they work.  We are told that computers use quantum mechanics and the laws of electricity to work but those are all built on Newtonian laws which are wrong.

In a computer everything is connected to the magical and illusive "CPU".  Nobody can explain how it works and we are expected to believe that all computing is done in some magical silicon chip the size of a fingernail.  Have you ever tried to break into a CPU?  Even a hack saw can't penetrate that case, it's as if they are trying to hide something.  These companies have a lot of secrecy surrounding them, which is definitely suspicious.  I have looked it up and it turns out that Intel and other "tech" companies are censoring this stuff from the Internet because they don't want us to know it.

Only living things can think and reason, inanimate objects like rocks cannot think and reason.  So why is it that computers, which we are told are inanimate, can think and reason?  It just doesn't add up.  If you ask a rock what 2+2 is then it wouldn't do anything but if I hold the home button and ask Siri what 2+2 is IT will respond "4".  Aperently a the Wizards at Intel can use fictional physics to defy nature and people actually buy into that crap.

So how do computers work?  It's a lot simpler then the mess of wires and magical microscopic switches Intel wants you to think is there.  They trap spirits and force them to do a bunch of logic.  Have you ever wondered why programming is called "programming throry"?  If people invented programming as we are lead to believe then why is it just a theory?  Answer: because they didn't invent programming and in reality it's the language spirits speak.  I still can't believe that people don't question it when Intel says that machines can read, understand what it read, and do what it's told.  They say that computers always do what they are told but inanimate objects don't do that, if you don't believe me then tell stick to throw it's self to you and tell a gun to shoot you.  They won't do it because they are inanimate objects, but the little squares of silicon Intel makes aperently defy this and they will do your taxes and pay your bills for you if you want.  What a joke.

Flat Earth Community / Re: What if I applied to become an astronaut?
« on: November 30, 2015, 07:40:14 PM »
How many of these applicants actually get accepted?  Also, why does NASA fly people into space so many times when they could just as easily allow more people to have a chance to go to space?  It seems a bit inefficient to me.

Flat Earth Theory / My new flat Earth model
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:14:20 PM »
I have been developing a flat Earth model that is way better then the normal flawed one.  I will give a basic explemnation here, feel free to ask questions.  Diagrams will come later.

The stars, planets, sun, and moon are all round objects attatched on the inside of 2 nested spheres surrounding our flat Earth.  The outer sphere is full of imperfections that apear to glow, you know these as stars.  The inner sphere is perfectly transparent, and clumps of matter between the spheres are what you know as planets, the Moon, and the Sun.

What are these spheres made of?  Crystalized aether, or atherium as I like to call it.  I will draw a diagram of the structure later, but do to some of the properties of aether I figured out it can form into a crystalized solid of sorts, but it's not anything like any solid you are familear with.  Ordinary matter can pass right through it, but it takes a lot of force to do it because of some properties of aether I will describe next.

So what are the proprtties of aether?  It's actually really simple.  Aether repells matter and it repells it's self but not as strongly.  Aether also has some electromagnetic properties which can cause aether to start to attract towards it's self if it is in really high concentrations as it's electromagnetism overpowers it's rather weak repultion, but in really high densities the atraction is overpowered by the weak nuclear force.  Matter tends to repel aether which causes it to clump in areas where aether concentrations are low.

Like I said, the sky is a sphere, but that doesn't mean we don't see all of it.  Aether interacts with light and can cause refaction, which causes light to bend in such a way that the lower side of the sphere can be seen from "southern" locations while the upper side is seen from "northern" locations.

Why do we fall?  Well, as I said earlier mater clumps in areas of low aether concentration because matter and aether repel each other.  This clump of matter we call Earth is no exeption, and we fall because we are relelling the high aether concentrations above us.  There is still a small amount of aether here on Earth, and that does cause mass to atract mass a small bit and it accounts for small gravitational changes across Earth's surface.  The larger a mass is the stronger the aether repulsion is.

Flat Earth Community / Re: New flat earther with a new theory
« on: November 24, 2015, 04:44:11 PM »
Good idea, I will do that.

Flat Earth Community / New flat earther with a new theory
« on: November 24, 2015, 12:45:46 AM »
Hi all!  I have known that Earth is flat for quite a while now but I noticed that there are a lot of flaws with the flat Earth model.  I am in the process of developing a model that explains observations and in the process I have discovered some really crazy stuff about what the government is up to.  I will reveal more about that and my new flat Earth theory soon.  For now I will just introduce myself and get familiar with everyone here.

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