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Flat Earth Theory / Re: Why is every other planet round?
« on: March 22, 2019, 11:35:56 PM »
Have you considered star light?

If you are suggesting that star light is connected in any way with the phases of the Moon then you need to think again about that one.  Apart from one obvious star, all the other stars are far, far too distant for their light to illuminate the surface of the Moon.

No I'm not suggesting that entirely, only that collectively starlight may contribute.

There are uncountable number of stars. When we look up at the night sky we see the entire light of all the visible universe. Regardless of its distance, that's a lot of light.

Yet if all the starlight in the universe failed to touch the Moon I'd find that somewhat illogical. We see all the stars in our cosmos because their light travels to us. If it travels to us, then it travels to the Moon too.

The moon is also much, much more reflective, than your average rock, but to a limit. The majority of the time however, I agree we wouldn't notice its influence.

I'm only musing, but it's an interesting thought.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Why is every other planet round?
« on: March 22, 2019, 01:27:21 AM »
Quote from: QED
In summary, FE must posit an alternate light source for causing moon phases to be viable.

Have you considered star light?  ;)

After all, it does travel here from all parts of the known universe. Perhaps cumulatively, it could work, no?

I find oftentimes the biggest yet most trivial things get in the way of good solid research.

Might be a thought worth absorbing and reflecting on.  :-B

Flat Earth Projects / Re: Need help with map
« on: March 22, 2019, 12:45:07 AM »
I can't, but it's a damned good idea!

Why is it a good idea? What bearing do pyramids have on the shape of the Earth?

None whatsoever. However there are many pyramids all over the world which connect to one another, in succession, along common shared straight lines.

I just wondered what kind of pattern would be revealed if plotted similarly on a Flat Earth map.

Revelation Of The Pyramids ~ a documentary I enjoyed watching.

Flat Earth Projects / Re: Need help with map
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:26:03 AM »
I can't, but it's a damned good idea! Hope you post the results... cheers for the thought!

Flat Earth Theory / Re: What do all FEs agree on?
« on: March 18, 2019, 09:47:45 PM »
...unique stuff waiting to be discovered than in some flat chunk of land encased in a dome, I fail to see how that could make anyone feel special or safe.

You'd be right on that count, if it helps. Indeed your points on religion too.

I won't detour this thread by explaining other doctrines on these subjects, but as I hope this community will reveal, given the time to evolve into more diverse branches of thought, single mindedness and flat earthiness need not be of the same plane.


Flat Earth Theory / Re: What do all FEs agree on?
« on: March 18, 2019, 08:14:12 PM »
Quote from: jimster
No "fixit" gadget - no atmolayer, no lampshade sun on a revolving arm, nothing like that? What is your model?

No nothing like that or any of those unusual things but it will cover the foremost queries.

Quote from: jimster
So there is no FE map because no one wants to make one?

To be more accurate, there will be a map presented, it will however be only an artistic impression, since the actual cartography is straightforward enough for a professional to undertake instead.

Quote from: jimster
Would love to see a model that explained space flight... explained the sun/day/night ... obeyed the laws of physics, etc.

Yes it will, all those things, and with real life phenomena that can be observed even from the ground. But it will also however, require a belief adjustment, in that some things we desire are unattainable, at least in this life.

Quote from: jimster
Where would I find a description?

I'll post a link once it's floating the aether... it's all fun really.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: What do all FEs agree on?
« on: March 18, 2019, 03:58:15 AM »
Will you attach a "fixit gadget" to every problem your model has?

Hmm, nope.

Will your model make it possible to have a flat map with constant scale as a globe does?

If someone wants to make one, yes.

Will there have to be giant conspiracies?

Not really. Mostly just politicians with delusions of grandeur. Ok a bit.

Will you need different laws of physics?

Yes and no. If you like, existing laws applied in a new way, plus one more.

Will your model explain the space program?

Aww shucks.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Seeing the curvature of the Earth directly
« on: March 17, 2019, 11:08:29 PM »
...depending on the weather, you can have boats becalmed mid pacific and thirty foot waves just off the pacific coast (just a very crude example)...

You worked me out without working me out. Yes, it was just a natural reaction to observations of how water is unpredictably non uniform, much like the similar observation you make here.

Sorry to confuse anybody, time for my bed now. Good night.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Seeing the curvature of the Earth directly
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:46:13 PM »
Quote from: Matthew7
Jeppspace: What evidence is there in the image that the left and right edges are closer to the shore? And, as you point out, the sea is constantly changing - how could any swell or confluence of waves produce a curvature that stays centred on the middle of the shot, for 400 images?

I am unaware of any, it was a presumption based on the fact the photographer himself was near the sea.  ;)

I was commenting on the fact that an ocean, or mass of dynamically changing water, tends to be more active towards its center. Hence the entertainment of Sailors' legendary stories at sea.

No, no, just musing on the science! Cheers.  ;D

Flat Earth Theory / Re: What do all FEs agree on?
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:31:30 PM »
We all agree that the true shape of the Earth is different to what we have been indoctrinated to believe and that if viewed from space it would at least present itself to be much, much flatter

Just out of interest, what do you think led to the Earth being formed, when do you think it was formed and what physical process or processes do you think led to it forming flat?

My model is presently making its way from heart beat, to synapse, to finger click, but to answer your question...

The majority of the universe was created simultaneously at a zero-point in eternity, including the Earth.

Unfortunately for some scientists, the concept of time becoming irrelevant and philosophy taking the reigns, whence a scientific environment plays host to the discussion, may be hard to accept.

Nevertheless, the cause of creation, in my view, was and still is to this day, the eternal love of God.

As for your other question of how the Earth came into being as a flat plane, until I have published my model in more depth and clarity, the clearest explanation I will give you, for now, is that the cause of its "flatness" is merely that of geological circumstance whence the influence of cosmological interaction persuades it to form so.

Not all the Earth is flat, in my model. At least not in the conventional sense. And not all the cosmos is uniform, in my model. At least not in the conventional sense.

The orbits of the Sun and Moon? Hold out for it, my friend... there are so many wonders to behold, I won't keep you forever.  8)

Time to re-focus on my question, what is it that all FEs believe in common.

Indeed, it was a good question and one we should continue to honour.

Aside from actual specifics, jimster, I think we mostly appreciate this forum as a most wonderful scientifically philosophical challenge. I mean, whether or not the Earth can be proven to be either, it is the mere engagement with Flat Earth Science that opens up our minds unto the exploration of amazing alternative concepts. It is these concepts that bring us all to a flat plane of friendly and enjoyable understanding amongst each other, as a society.

This is certainly one thing we all have in common and certainly, we'll get there in the end.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: What do all FEs agree on?
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:20:45 PM »
That's difficult to answer, due to varying factors, one of which may be philosophical.   ???

The best cue I could point at this ball is a straight one.

We all agree that the true shape of the Earth is different to what we have been indoctrinated to believe and that if viewed from space it would at least present itself to be much, much flatter.

If not flat.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Seeing the curvature of the Earth directly
« on: March 17, 2019, 04:06:42 PM »

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Yang 2020
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:07:27 AM »
Universal Basic Income is a fantastic idea.

Yes, it's getting great press in many places now. It would save Britain from the retarded mess Iain Duncan Smith got it into.

Benefits systems are not only a HUGE waist of money but of EVERYBODY'S TIME.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Seeing the curvature of the Earth directly
« on: March 17, 2019, 01:46:38 AM »
Thanks Tom.

Also, whilst the horizon is straight, there will certainly be more heaving or movement of water towards the center than towards the shore. Indeed perhaps more waves.

When stretching these, as such amplifying the micro features of unevenness,  it may present such an illusion, particularly as Tom Bishop demonstrates, whence the distortion is quite rogue.

400 shots? Was he comparing waves?

Finally, the meeting of the two blues, sky and sea, when stretched in this way, may produce just enough morphing at the horizon to contribute to a misrepresentation, especially if there are much more prominent waves towards the center.

Indeed a dynamically living feature, such as a mass of moving water, is perhaps not the ideal subject to feature in this experiment.

Since computers only work from code and not real world senses, all these factors may create an artificial perspective.

Suggestions & Concerns / Re: [you] needs to stop
« on: March 16, 2019, 11:43:05 PM »
If there was another tag, say a [random] tag, that perhaps put in random words or phrases, then posted in conjunction with the Guest tag might make it more fun.

Inventing more tags might bring the funky tag concept in general more life and fun.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Professional pilot interested in Flat Earth
« on: March 16, 2019, 11:16:26 PM »
I understand that people who believe strongly in Flat Earth won't simply accept the word of a professional pilot.  I imagine that it must be assumed that I'm a part of a conspiracy designed to keep the "general public" from knowing that the earth is flat, or somesuch.  So, let's assume I'm interested in finding a way to believe the Earth is actually flat.

Welcome to The Flat Earth Society.

An assumption made by Round Earthers is that Flat Earthers all share the same scientific model. This is not the case.

Whilst the concept of a finite disc surrounded by an ice wall may be what most newcomers are commonly presented with, that is a handed down and somewhat virgin conception.

It is certainly a romantic one and I do not dissuade others from pursuing that line of thought if it is the science of their heart.

However in regards to your mention of witnessing curvature and the absence of an ice wall, I can tell you that this need not be evidence of a Round Earth, merely that the true Flat Earth model is somewhat augmented in comparison.

I have my own FE model which I will be publishing in the not too distant future and this does not include an ice wall or the absolute absence of "some" curvature.  As such it does differ somewhat from the conventional model.

Without meaning to offend however, I would say if you have "genuinely" witnessed curvature, or genuinely "believe" to have, then I would only accept that claim on the basis that you have not flown the entire world.

Thus, as I hope I have demonstrated here, there is much more to the Flat Earth Science Movement than only the mere scientific arguments or concepts it was once founded on.

Good tidings.

Arts & Entertainment / Re: Family Guy
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:59:10 PM »
Blue Harvest ~ Star Wars feature length parody.

Flat Earth Investigations / Re: Flight Paths
« on: March 15, 2019, 04:12:19 AM »
In my view, if we are going to debate the shape of the world, then who is to say whether continents are identical?

I am not an orthodox FlatEarther, my views are somewhat difficult to relate, however in reference to short flights passing Antarctica, which by the way do only pass Antarctica, I find it interesting to suggest that:

  • The shape of Antarctica may likewise be miscalculated, or represented, in that the route debated may not actually require the plane on an FE model to take such a greatly circular path, since it may pass over an outcrop of ice not shown on any publicly available maps.
  • In which case, perhaps there are other miscellaneous outcrops on the opposite side of the FE model, which can be flown past on return, so as to present the illusion of Antarctica, whilst continuing to take advantage of the jetstreams.
  • A bit of a long and somewhat entertaining shot but... perhaps massive chunks of Antarctica have been recently breaking off due to a deliberate government operation of creating these deceiving outcrops. The last one was the size of New York. Is global warming a fabricated convenience?

My own model doesn't require conspiracies as a corner stone, as such, and so I'm not really into them, but I don't know if any of you have considered these theories, so am just posting this for interest.

Of course, as other FE's have suggested, perhaps a modified plane is employed.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Explain this Phenomenon
« on: March 14, 2019, 09:03:12 PM »
Clouds observed from above are exceptionally bright due to their reflectivity of sunlight. Clouds observed from beneath seldom present such bright reflectivity.

Granted there are atmospheric conditions to take into calculation when saying this.

However, since clouds should retain reflectivity regardless of the time of day, if the Earth were a ball, 25,000 miles in circumference, then one would observe a greater amount of light being reflected down onto the ground than we actually observe during sunset and therefore we would also experience alternating terminator periods dependent on the quantity of reflective cloud cover.

Furthermore, we would observe isolated patches of the Earth remaining lit by reflectivity, where cloud is not a constant canopy, even after the Sun has set.

Flat Earth Projects / Re: Compiling Objections
« on: March 14, 2019, 08:36:34 PM »
Under the space travel part, I'd suggest adding in the Soviet Union. It seems most of the evidence for The Conspiracy revolves around NASA and occasionally other agencies, but I haven't seen much about debunking Soviet space flights even though they're half of the Conspiracy. But then again, this isn't really a common objection, so it's your choice to add it in.

Quite, in my view Soviet Cosmonaut footage always looks more authentic than American Astronaut footage. As you suggest, that opens up an alternative theory that the Soviets are exceeding in space secretly, behind a "western media curtain", rather than a blanket space travel fraud, whilst the Americans only pretend to be the leaders. I'm not picking politics, I'm just musing.

There's always been intrigue about the Soviet Space Program, far much more so in terms of genuine achievement, than the American Space Program and yet in a Western world, how can that be orchestrated internet propaganda? You would expect what's presented to be the other way 'round. Not that I believe any of it particularly.

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