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My objection to this proposal is because we have had this discussion before regarding a video library.

And I suggested we collect the best videos ... ie ones that we like and ones that fit with our view of FET. But Tom was against this.

If I understand this right, this forum is only for the model you like ?
If people like me, who are convinced earth is flat, since there is no curvature, but also believes something that differ from your model, can not post anything that differ from your model ?

Where is the dynamic ? It becomes very static if the model can not be challenged .
What if Newton and his apple was not challenged, then the theory of gravity would be a God, you can not question.

We are changing with our experiments, like me trying to reconstruct rainbows indoor, and taking pics under the surface of a pool in a glass bowl to find out why the stars seems to have water ripples with a Nikon 900.
When you test moonlight temperature, you know the heliocentric system is nil and void as it stands.
Our reality are not carved in stone, we are who we are because we think, and challenge and test our beliefs. 
Does other peoples tests becomes nil and void because it does not fit our narrative ?

Personally I have never tested the lack of curve from England to Ireland, but since I have tested it between Spain and Africa, I assume water is just as flat there as were I tested it.
There seems to be a general agreement that there is no curve, and it fits with every flat earth model.

I used a week before I posted, looked topics and everything, here it is doublethink, Orwell 1984. And babel
One person speak say English, one speak say German, nobody is wrong, it is from where you come.
Northern Light gives the perfect anagram, it does not only have colours, but also sound.
Blau - blue, both is right.
If I am high up in say Alaska, and somebody tells me the sun is shining every day, that is not my reality, why not respect that other people have another reality ?
You tell why you are of the opinion the sky is green, and if they are looking on northern light, it is right.
Instead of saying it is blue, which does not line up with ex night.
Why is it somebody have patent on the truth of the colour of the sky ?
Right now, mine look pretty black.
When pics illustrates were your line of thinking illustrates, what is wrong with posting them ?
If I believed Mars was a planet, and I lived there, I would claim the sky was reddish brown , because that was my view if I looked outside. Illustrated with this pic. Just as when I use green sunglasses, everything looks more green.

Flat Earth Community / Re: Which model do you believe in?
« on: September 07, 2018, 08:39:13 PM »
I am probably one of the few who believe in the Biblical flat earth, the one who correspond with the Bible , Book of Enoch and involves creation by a creator not being a little green or grey alien, anyone else ?

I believe there are no satellites except the drones   , and then there is the weather balloons, ground based Radars and submarine cables.
Apart from that, I believe this dude ask the right questions.

It is my opinion, that it seems like somebody should look into doublethink.
Like 1984
If I say it is green, it becomes green.
Apart from that, looking at northern light is wonderful, but listen to it is beyond anything you can explain.
You can feel the electricity like a surround sound of nature. It starts like a crackling lightning and vibrates all around you.

Flat Earth Community / Re: The Danger of Belief
« on: September 07, 2018, 08:03:09 PM »
I am not much into soaps, but that is a beauty, who won the argument ?
Well, is it about winning, or is it not about challenge your indoctrination ?

Let us say, if the theory evolution is faulty, and this nothing exploding and creating everything is wrong, then what happened ?
It is a pretty big tree going down, and we can start all over recreating everything, sound good to me !

Flat Earth Community / Re: Flat Earth Theory
« on: September 07, 2018, 07:34:52 PM »
Why ?
Easy, because there is no curve, when water is flat and cover 2/3(+) of earth, how would it work ?
Flat water - flatish earth, gives a plane, not a ball.

How can anybody who have been looking for the curve, made tests like the moonshine test ever go back to the globe ?

It is impossible.
When you then starting to look into Nasa, you have to say goodbye to the ball.

Have you tried finding some local on you-tube ?
This guy have helped out several times, nice and seems to know his good book.

[link fixed - ~pete]

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