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Flat Earth Theory / Re: Using airline flight data.
« on: June 01, 2018, 06:44:15 PM »
The coordinate system absolutely rests upon the idea that the earth is a globe.

Latitude and Longitude lines are vertical and horizontal circles, usually illustrated as laying upon a spherical surface. The points are equidistant, and must represent spherical geometry. Arguing that the Lat/Lon system has nothing to do with a sphere is clearly incorrect. Any warping of them on a surface of another shape (except maybe a concave hollow earth theory) would create distortions.

isnt this the whole point though?  these coordinates for cities (based on round earth model) are used every day by airlines.  Inherently, the model is correct by virtue that every single plane is able to fly to the exact location and arrive at a predictable time at that location.  if the round earth model and lat/long were not correct this wouldnt happen.  How else do you explain the fact that for any given international airport, there are planes arriving correctly from all over the world every day?  if the system wasnt 100% accurate (and therefore the globe model itself) wouldnt that be pretty obvious?   Also, have you never been on an airplane equipped with the screen that shoes your exact location, and been able to look out the window and verify what is one screen matches what you see below (i.e. major cities, rivers, lakes, etc).

I'd like to know what you have done to verify that the model of the flat earth you subscribe to is valid.
I privately reproduced a number of Flat Earth experiments to my own satisfaction. No, I will not be showing them to you.

not sure how that is a beneficial post?  i only think its fair in the spirit of debate that you would provide that information.  Round Earthers on here get questioned all the time to provide backup and i have seen them take a substantial amount of time creating diagrams, etc to demonstrate their point.  If a RE had the same response i dont think that would be acceptable.   

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Do constellations remain the same shape?
« on: May 31, 2018, 08:20:23 PM »

It is well known that the North and South Magnetic Poles do not coincide with the geographical poles, as they should were the Earth a solid sphere, convex at its poles. The reason why the magnetic and geographical poles don't coincide is because, while the magnetic pole lies along the rim of the polar opening.

the earth is not a solid sphere, there is molten iron and its because of this (and convection currents) that we have a magnetic field (over simplified, yes).  the magnetic field fluctuates, as does the geographic north pole.  thousands of years ago, Polaris, was not the "north star" as we rotated around a different star.  The tilt of the earth wobbles over a period of 26,000 years.  combine these two issues and the magnetic north and geographic north (axis) will always be off to some degree.  this is much easier to explain in the RE model than FE, agree?

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Question on ocean tides
« on: May 31, 2018, 06:42:20 PM »
The trouble with tides: (pages 9 - 24)

FE tides:

whoever wrote that book (i read the pages you mentioned) has a very flawed understanding of Newtonian and Einstein mathematics.  For example, on page  18 in decrediting Einstein they wrote "with respect to Einstein's theory, how does it create tides when Einstein claims a body in curved space feels for force?"  huh?  They totally missed the point of GR…Einstein realized that gravity and acceleration are the same thing, and that gravity was not a force of attraction, but a curvature in space-time.  Both objects (Earth and moon) most definitely feel a force (gravitational pull) and its that force that pulls them together and allows for orbit… Two objects of no mass in this curved space-time will not “feel” any forces, that is how curved space-time works as opposed to Newtownian physics that have an attractive force associated with gravity.

On page 19 they begin to explain tides due to electromagnetic effect and since the oceans are saltwater they are electrified.  Trying to follow along here.  The Great Lakes (fresh water) also have tides, albeit very small height fluctuation.

On page 20 they then say that “water will often, as it slows or stop flowing, create an electromagnetic field” – I would like to see more documentation on this, I am not aware of this phenomenon but seems easy enough to test.  I couldn’t locate any information/experiments on this.

Flat Earth Theory / Question on ocean tides
« on: May 31, 2018, 05:08:38 PM »
Question for the FE experts.  I have read the wiki’s explanation for Tides and there isnt much information.
How exactly does the FE Model explain observed ocean tides??   We all know the RE answer at it relates to rotation of the earth, location of the moon, sun and the gravitation pull between those objects.  Tides can be easily observed at any beach, and you can plot the time vs depth to visually see the bulge of water moving across your location.  I have read the alt-gravity theories on FE about density, acceleration, etc…but that does explain tides.  The water is all at the same density so why a considerable bulge of water easily observed?  Why would these tides be much more extreme when the sun and moon are aligned (full moon) than when they are 90 degree offset?

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