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Sorry i am new to this, i only heard of the flat earth theory yesterday, and i am not even sure what the official flat earth map is. I was looking at this map:קובץ:Flat_Earth.png, but you can look at other flat earth maps i guess, i just think the distance between the two cities on a flat earth map is too big to cover in 11 hours, it would support the round earth theory more. Anyway the flight is in air as i am writing this and its coming up on the flight tracker with detailed flight logs and graphs showing the latitude and longtitude so have a look. What do you think?

Flat Earth Theory / 11 hr direct flight from Auckland to buenos aires
« on: March 03, 2016, 11:42:42 PM »

I just found a direct flight from Auckland to buenos aires which takes 11 hours. It's with New Zealand air flight no anz30. Looking at the flat earth map the distance between NZ and South America is huge, i am no expert but I don't think the plane would cover the distance in 11 hours only and without anyone noticing the flight path. What are your thoughts?

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