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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Free Will disproved
« on: December 23, 2017, 09:43:50 AM »
You perceive the world around you. You perceive your car and you drive your car, but you never confuse yourself to be the car. In the same way you perceive the world around you, you perceive your body. And in the same you you drive your car, you "drive" your body. So why should we confuse the body to be a part of us.

The difference, I believe, between the car (and the rest of the outside world) and the body, is that we feel we have more direct control over the body (also its currently much closer than my car, but that really depends on the situation). But why do we thin we have more of a direct control over the body? It is because the actions we take correlate with the decisions made in our head. Therein lies the problem.

(I apologize, but this next part gets a little "new age-ish." Just role with it)

Are you breathing right now, or is breathing just happening? Are you seeing right now, or is seeing just happening? Are you thinking right now, or is thinking just happening? If you are the one thinking right now, then tell me what your next thought is going to be. It can't be done. Because the voice in your head that you confuse to be your own thoughts is outside of your control. The thoughts (voice) come in and out of your perception. And any action you ever take is either decided on by the voice in your head, which is outside of your control, is an impulse, which by definition is outside of your control, or a combination of the two. And in each of those cases, it is always greatly influenced by input from the outside world, which is definitely outside of your control.

By this logic, the idea of free will is shown to be an illusion. Thoughts? Do you have a different idea of what free will is? Is there a reason to think that perception of the body is different than perception of the rest of the world?

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