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Suggestions & Concerns / Smileys are busting https
« on: December 11, 2018, 02:20:27 AM »
Hit reply to this post ... the site becomes insecure. The little smileys are all being pulled from '' and not from https. It annoys me when the little padlock gives way to a raging exclamation mark. Please add the required 's' to eliminate this mixed content issue.


Philosophy, Religion & Society / Only in Japan
« on: November 21, 2018, 08:31:44 AM »
I read this story on the BBC.

It is all kinds of f'd up and the further you read into this story, the more f'd up it becomes.

Can you imagine finding out that your father is actually an actor? And he's been getting paid to pretend to be your dad for over 10 years? Oh, and that he admits he doesn't love you, he pretends to. Oh and that your mother has since fallen in love with him but he's told her its just a job and he doesn't love her. But she keeps paying him to pretend to be your dad anyway. Oh, and that he's gonna keep being paid now that you are an adult so that if you have kids they'll think he is their grandfather.

No wonder that the suicide rate is so high in Japan. Or do you think that the child's mother has done the right thing on balance and that this is a good idea?

Suggestions & Concerns / Make Angry Ranting moar angry
« on: November 18, 2018, 09:10:46 PM »
It is too easy to confuse AR with other parts of the forum once a thread has been moved. And it has very different rules to everywhere else. CN has its own theme *shudder* and at least you know where you are when you are in there. But could we not just change a few colours and the background or something and make AR look like a place you can be angry in?

Yeah, I had to read the headline twice as well.

This is one of the most blatant and ill thought out virtue signals I have seen in a while. It comes of course, hot on the heels of Apple winning the 'stop slavery award'. Apple bravely bought colbalt for its batteries from someone who isn't using children to mine it and that gets an award, apparently.

So, let's see some of the problems with this.

1) People who are human trafficked, are in the country illegally. They don't have a permit to work there.
2) A job as a cleaner is not a skilled job and can't be justified as requiring a VISA.
3) People who are trafficked are vulnerable. They will take anything ... including min wage jobs at Apple. Who profits from human trafficking now?
4) People who have been trafficked are vulnerable for a reason. Maybe a heroine addict prostitute. Doesn't matter that you are a junkie, you start Monday.
5) You are now discriminating against the best person for the job. Your new Apple-slave may do a runner as soon as they have their greencard.
6) That best person for the job may have been a victim of child abuse or domestic violence. But you discriminated against them in favour of a foreign human traffic victim instead to get your virtue score up.
7) Pretty much anyone entering the country illegally will now immediately claim to have been trafficked to get an Apple job immediately they arrive and be fast tracked for acceptance.
8) Hi, I used to be a lawyer in my own country before I was kidnapped and sold into slavery. ... Super, you know how to use a vacuum cleaner, right?
9) Hi, I have the mental age of a 5 year old which is why I was trafficked. ... Super, you know how to use a vacumm cleaner, right?
10) Hi, I am suffering from trauma having been locked in a shed for 9 years. ... The cupboard for the vacuum cleaner is about the same size, make yourself at home.
11) Doesn't Apple hire forced labour people in China right now? Actual slaves in its factories.

This is going to cause a number of problems, it will help very few and the tax payer will pick up the bill, whilst Apple strolls off with all that virtue.

Technology & Information / Blizzard get wrecked ...
« on: November 13, 2018, 05:14:38 PM »
... at Diablo launch event.

This is brutal. What the hell were they thinking? They drag in fans of the PC originals and tell them they can have a new microtransactional filled version on their phones instead of Diablo 4.

Flat Earth Community / BBC slags off TFES again
« on: November 07, 2018, 09:00:01 AM »
Some BBC propaganda in a section they call 'ideas'. Their ideas.

I'd like you to notice the badge the man is wearing in the cartoon in that video. Look familiar?

This isn't just a hit on the flat earth movement. It's a direct assault on this site. And they don't mind stealing our intellectual property to do it.

Hopefully the license fee will be revoked and the god-awful BBC will collapse.  >:(

Maybe Pete Svarrior would like to Tweet the BBC and ask them why they used our logo in their hit piece on and lumped us in with not only climate change deniers but also holocaust deniers!

Philosophy, Religion & Society / On the notion of trolling
« on: November 04, 2018, 01:17:57 AM »
I just watched an interview with some pious lefty screaming about trolling and how people should go to prison because 'words hurt' and its damage and they are victims etc etc. By the end of the interview I think she'd only be happy if the internet is turned off forever.

But her view of how trolls are evil, and my ... *clears throat* ... yes, I have trolled in my life. But I don't think its evil. In fact I have a theory. And that's why I made a poll.

My theory
Personally, I troll because I have a curious mind. I want to know how other people think and feel about things. And a great way to do that is to get a rise out of them on the internet. When someone loses their tempter, that's the only time they'll tell you what they really think of you or your ideas. So I might set up an account on a forum somewhere or comment in news or youtube. And my comment might not necessarily be my opinion. Its an idea or discussion point. So example. Need to pick something people can't normally talk about. Something taboo. Could be racism, homosexuality, something that isn't done in polite conversation. For this example I'll pick sibling incest.

So if you ask people is it ok for people to have consensual sibling sex, society says no. However when you ask individuals, many of them say yes. If you then ask them if they would do it themselves even if they liked their sibling, they all say no. How is it ok for other people but not ok for you? It gets complicated.

Getting to the bottom of what other people think is very easy on the internet. You can't ask your mates if they'd like to have sex with their sisters. You certainly can't ask your parents if incest with siblings is fine. You can't ask
a policeman or a colleague at work. Even your best mate will look at you with suspicion after a conversation like that. But I think if you have a curious mind you want to know what goes on in other people's heads ... and there is nothing like trolling to prize that out of them. Be it the IQs of different races, transgenderism ... what is it, is it an illness, is it perversion, are they born that way? You can't poll lots of people quickly on a subject like that in real life and they will often lie or throw accusations your way. One thing about the anonymity of the internet is that not only does it mean that people can lie a lot, it also means they can be utterly honest in a way real life doesn't allow for.

And this is why I think politicians and rabid leftists misunderstand the internet. To me it is a manifestation of the human mind. Of all minds all at once. Every thought possible is on here. Every opinion. And none of it is real. The internet is no more real than any of my thoughts because that is all it is ... a collection of thoughts. Some offensive, some taboo, some wicked, some creative etc. And when you have the mind of humanity at your disposal to play with and experiment with, I have to think only a moron wouldn't troll with it.

Finally, I made this thread as I make most threads to find out how other people think about things. And in this case do you all troll like me? Do you deliberately wind up people on the BBC or youtube or wherever in order to find out more about how people tick? And as always I'm asking because I have an opinion and want to see if its unique to me, rare or very common. Maybe people do it for other reasons? But, if many people do it for my reasons and everyone in the world has tried it at least once, that's 3 billion troll posts right there. And that explains why the internet is so full of trolling. Its just people exploring the dark recesses of the human condition ... and so why would you look to censor that? For those that can't handle it, stop using it. Same as watching a horror movie if you're sensitive. but that also tells me the internet isn't as dangerous as many make out. We've all thought about killing someone at one time. Very few would actually do it. Its just a thought, and so are the things written on the internet.

I should add, I don't ask the question because I want the answer. I ask the question because I always want to know what other people think the answer is. That's more interesting to me.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / £20,000 a fart
« on: October 18, 2018, 09:18:52 PM »
Would you let someone fart in your face for £20,000?

Is £20,000 the required amount of compensation for such an incident? By my reckoning, I owe my sister about £6million.

Technology & Information / Fortnite: When will it die?
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:43:35 PM »
Fortnite has been going for over a year now. Most of these fads like flappybird or Pokemon Go tend to die by now. Why is this one still going? It looks so boring. I can't understand how people are still playing it a year later. Surely they've seen all the maps, done everything there is to do and would rather spend their time doing something new?

I just don't get why this game. It looks retarted. And yet people still watch other people playing it on stream or youtube. What do you think the player will do that is new when you watch? Surely its all been done? From the shrieking and jumping about on these streams, it is clear that the people playing are of demonstrably low IQ. They don't seem much smarter than chimps. Is it a past time for the intellectually short-changed or is an entire generation just using it as a hideout from a social justice culture they are thoroughly sick of?

Technology & Information / What I want for xmas
« on: October 14, 2018, 11:16:30 AM »

He was launched yesterday. He looks pretty cool. I know I'd be bored of him in a few weeks ... but I want to see how the little bugger works. Way better than an Alexa puck, that's for sure.

Arts & Entertainment / Philistine desecrates Westminster Abbey
« on: September 26, 2018, 10:43:27 PM »

Look at the state of that. It looks like it was drawn by a 9 year old. In Westminster, next to beautiful art works that eyesore. "I designed it on an iPad". Yeah, that's not a ringing endorsement. When you see a guy dressed like Elton John professing to be an artist ... don't let him near anything that matters. Let him wipe faeces on a canvas in his own studio or slaughter a horse and pickle it for the monstrosity that is the Tate gallery ... but don't let them anywhere near something like Westminster Abbey. People need to tell the Emperor when he is wearing no clothes. How did this talent-less geriatric rise to be a renowned artist? The system is broken.

Suggestions & Concerns / Bans should be issued on post quota, not time.
« on: September 21, 2018, 10:53:40 AM »
I have received a notification that I have had 6 warnings since March.


Well that's only one bad post a month. And I'm someone who averages close to 100 posts a month.

One errant post in one hundred isn't a habitual offender.

Someone else might have made 70 posts to my 600 and got 5 warnings ... but they'd get more grace than me.

I see this as penalising the people who post here more often over the people who just duck in to disrupt things and then leave again.

I'd ask that warnings aren't erased after a period of time ... but are erased after a number of 'good' posts. So that your posting ratio is more relevant than just an arbitrary length of time. This penalises regulars less, and casual sh**posters more.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / The moral of the story?
« on: September 16, 2018, 01:26:35 PM »
Most fairy-tales have a moral of a story. But there is one I can't wrap my head around.

Jack and the beanstalk.

The hero is an idiot, who thinks a cow is worth 5 beans. He lives at home with his mother and its actually her cow. Not only is Jack an imbecile, but he's also a thief. His neighbour is a giant who happens to live in a castle on a cloud. Jack begins by trespassing and then breaks into the giant's home, stealing a bag of gold coins. This isn't enough for Jack. He goes back and the second time, he steals a goose that lays golden eggs. Still not done, Jack goes and breaks in a third time and steals a magic harp that plays by itself.

This harp then goes off like a burglar alarm, and wakes the giant, who understandably chases the thief to get his stuff back. Jack rushes back down his beanstalk and then chops it down whilst the giant is still climbing down it. This murderous acts sees the giant fall and split his head open and die as he hits the ground, leaving the giant's wife a widow with no money, because Jack took it all.

Jack and his mother then live happily ever after.

So questions ...
Why is an idiot murdering thief the hero?
What does the giant do to be the villain and deserve having his stuff nicked, be murdered and leave his wife a poor widow?
Why is Jack not in court, with the giants wife suing for damages? This is clearly a matter for the British courts and British law does not allow such acts to go unpunished.

Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. - Its right there. This has happened in a leafy shire like a Midsomer murder, and the local fuzz hasn't bothered its arse to find out who is terrorising the giant community. I can verify that we no longer have giants in England, so why were they not protected?

I don't see the purpose of this fairy-tale. Where is the moral of the story? Because at the moment you are telling your kids that if you miss school, burgle people's homes and kill them when confronted, you get to live happily ever after.  ???

Arts & Entertainment / The Hunter: Call of the wild
« on: September 09, 2018, 04:21:22 PM »
So I bought a new computer game. Its a hunting simulator. I wanted something where there was progression, but you can pick it up and leave it as you like. Something calm and slow paced. Blowing the entrails out of the back of a blacktail deer is perfect for me.

I'm not very good at the game. I keep winging all the animals and not really killing them. I've been hitting them in the shoulder blades, in the meat of their neck, in their jaws, their stomachs ... I'm not great at the kill shot. The upshot is that I'm now walking around a national park where almost all the animals are limping and nursing horrendous injuries. They are leaking blood everywhere, they are behaving strangely and not going to the places they used to ...

I was initially thinking, meh, just shoot anything that moves and if it dies great, and if it doesn't ... no matter. Its only when I came across a herd of 8 deer and found 6 of them were nursing injuries I'd already given them, I realised the monster I have become. I'm now going back to the places I've been to euthanise all the animals I missed the first time ... if I can find them which mostly I can't.

The game is really beautiful, the scenery is stunning, water and weather effects are great. The screenshot above is how the game actually looks. I like that the grass flattens when I walk on it. The animals move properly, the detailed anatomy shots showing where you hit them are great, nice to know if you smashed their spine or they suffocated on their own blood.

You really do have to hit them in the right place to shatter vertebra or pierce their heart. Head shots need to be through the brain. When you find an animal you maimed earlier, you get to see where those bullets went and why it didn't kill them. Starting to favour shooting Bambi in the spine now. That drops them fast.

There's good progression. Skills, lures, guns. Trying to shoot a moose with the rifle I have is practically impossible. They also get aggressive and charge at you. Currently a good shot will kill a black bear, but brown bears seem to soak up my bullets. Rabbits are too easy and I get a low ethics score for shredding them. I think I need to save up for a shotgun. My best kill was an elk which I switched to my 60lb compound bow and devastated its tailbone. Immediately paralysed I went to pick up the XP and in game credits. Best harvest yet. I missed a white stag, well missed isn't the best description, its still hobbling around somewhere. But you get trophy animals and rare animals.

Online reviews claim bugs etc, but its been out for a while now and I haven't found any. Perfect game for me. Just my kind of thing. Very happy with it.

Suggestions & Concerns / hyperlink quotes
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:04:36 PM »
Just a small thing but it niggles me often.

If I want to quote someone on the forum I can do so as below.

That post gets a thumbs-down from me.

And its all good + I get a hyperlink to that message and it will take you there.

But lets say I am posting in the upper fora, and I want to quote an external source

Quote from:
1The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

I still want the reference, but I kind of want my link working too. So what we always do is

Quote from:
1The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

And it just seems unnecessary. + some people are lazy and don't give a link. If the quote would take a url, it would just save adding the source all the time. I understand it would be hard to keep track of the links people add, but we could make it a bit of code only we know ... so noobs to the site aren't sending us to pron sites.

Code: [Select]
[quote author="Psalms 19.1" url=""][sup]1[/sup]The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.[/quote]

with the extra 'url' tag added which isn't normal to most forums, but would save us always adding sources separately. I'd like a target="_blank" on it by default too so as not to push them off our site. With that said, a target="_blank" on the internal link would be nice too. I most likely want to come back to the original post to reply, and that's a lot of back back back if I went down a rabbit hole.

Just a small thing.

Flat Earth Community / Flat Earth Memberships
« on: August 22, 2018, 04:59:02 PM »
So ... memberships.

The flat earth society hasn't really done memberships in a long while. Even then, it was Daniel and it was slow. Now our site is in the ascendancy, is the one with the good Twitter, the one ranking on google and basically the defacto flat earth society ... well handing out any memberships is pretty much down to us.

So, I've had a chat with Pete and we have a number of suggestions. But this will be due to popular demand ... its us providing something for the community.

1) You don't want memberships, its a dumb idea. In fact, if I would die in a fire, that would be most helpful.

2) We make membership a thing you do yourself for free. There can be a certificate you can download and fill in yourself. Maybe we give you some free digital goodies like a tfes desktop background to download etc, but it'll be all digital stuff because ... well free.

3) We do a membership similar to Daniel's old way. You get a personalised certificate, we'll do a plastic membership card with your name on, you might get a flat key ring. I'll be an envelope of papers.

4) We go balls to the wall and set you up with your own TFES starter kit for £30 GBP/$35 USD/$50 AUD/40,000,000 rupees. Basically like a TFES lootcrate. An example would be ...

A branded box for the loot.

9" frizbee cos flat earth huh? Could have a flat earth map printed on it and write the flat earth society over the Pacific Ocean.

A keychain. With our logo.

Round Earth stress reliever so you can crush the round earth with your hands, again branded

An A4 frame for your certificate which will be printed and inside

Awareness Bracelet ... cos you want to raise awareness right?

Membership card. Your name on it, a serial number, glossy and all branded up.

Branded pen

Branded mug or shiny drink thing

Branded Beanie

Throw a glossy leaflet in there.

So that is about the scale of the box I can do for $35 each. Sure, I can change what's in it, maybe branded mouse mats or a branded spirit level ruler or whatever.

Basically if you became a member of say Leicester City FC, you'd get a kit like below.

Option 4 is the TFES version of that, but being non-profit, we could give you a bit more bang for buck.

Either way (unless Pete has other ideas), I have no intention of logging member's names. a) it'll be full of psudeonyms, b) people will be signing each other up and we will get remove my name requests, c) the fancy bears will only steal this honey pot of data and publish to the world if we collect it and keep secret. So whatever you are given, has to be proof of membership in itself.

Thoughts ... ???

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Pope decries death penalty
« on: August 22, 2018, 12:07:05 AM »
So the Pope has declared that the death penalty is unacceptable in all cases.

What a prize idiot!

Christianity is founded on the death penalty. Without the death penalty, Jesus Christ can't die for our sins to save humanity. The logo of the church is the cross! People make the sign of the death penalty every time they pray.

This is what happens when you walk away from traditional Christian values and join the Liberal bandwagon. Zero credibility for this one.

Twice this week I have been contacted by sellers on Amazon where I have left a less than stellar review, both offering me money to remove my review.

Quote from: Amazon seller
Dear Baby Thork,

I'm glad to contact you again. We have seen your review and we pay high attention to the problem you met.

We have reflected the problem to the manufacturer.

Would you mind allowing us to refund you £10 for both of the mouse pads? If this is ok for you, please let us know.

Any problems, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to satisfy you.

If you are satisfied with our customer service, would you please remove the negative review for us?

Looking forward to your reply.

So basically they want to pay me to shut up. And this is twice in one week and I've had it a few times before.

Which makes me think, should I just always give a bad review? I'll save a whole heap of money in the long run. I mean, if these sellers are literally buying bad reviews up, there isn't much in the way of ethics going on anyway. I might as well profit. How do other people feel about this shady practice?

Flat Earth Media / Flat Earthers get a drubbing from Channel 4
« on: July 31, 2018, 05:58:49 PM »

Technology & Information / Need an office/computer desk
« on: July 28, 2018, 09:27:48 PM »
I just bought a new office chair as my last one was falling to bits. I could use a good desk to go with it.

Anyone got any good suggestions? I've been looking at the height adjustable ones that you can stand or sit at, but I don't want to pay £400 for a new desk - or if I did, it would have to be an epic desk.

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