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In the black lives matter thread a response was as follows

but when black people get the police called on them for doing nothing there's a problem.

This is a stereotype of black people. The dindu nuffins. Where black people always claim they are not treated the same ... but then you find out the full details, they have not been behaving the same. IE they were resisting arrest but never mentioned that, or they were high on crystal meth, or they did have a large machete on them.

So, I responded to the streotype with the meme (memes are often based on sterotypes). There is no rule that memes are banned on this site. Used on topic and in context, they are fine to use to make a point.

Cool story, bro.

To which the person I engaged in debate then responded
I'm not talking about criminals getting stopped, I'm talking about people being stopped for 'being black while doing this mundane thing' which sadly happens.

EDIT: example;

So ... I'm the OP.
I make a topic about activists protesting police treatment of black people.
I respond to a comment about that treatment showing the stereotype.
The person answers and the conversation continues.

At what point was I off topic?

Quote from:
The phrase “dindu nuffin” is derived from a bastardization of the phrase “didn’t do nothing”, a plea for innocence often used in reference to unarmed black men killed by police.
I couldn't be any more on topic.

Please rescind my warning and give your head a wobble. Just because the sensitive nature of the topic may have triggered you, is not a reason to start issuing warnings. If you can't moderate without your own emotions clouding your judgement, you shouldn't be moderating.

I would have just messaged the mod responsible and quietly asked them to be reasonable ... but due to the cowardly way warnings are anonymously issued at TFES, that was not possible.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Black Lives Matter
« on: June 20, 2020, 08:35:11 PM »
... presumably ... to someone.

I have to wonder where this movement is going, how effective it is and what it wants? Usually, activists demand something. What BLM want is anyone's guess.

There have been a lot of narcissistic celebs trying to make it all about them.

The lady here claims she was told she couldn't have black skin or have braids. Presumably she has never heard of Beyonce or Tina Turner. Ooooooooorrrrrrr, she's a liar.

Perpetual race-baiter Raheem Sterling has been calling for equality.

I'd like equality with Raheem Sterling. He earns around £15.6m per year, plays football for a living, is invited to exclusive events and parties that I could never get into, has a garage full of luxury cars, a huge mansion, pays next to zero tax and can spend his money anywhere he likes and no one ever refuses to provide services and goods to him as that would be illegal. But somehow, Raheem is oppressed.  :'(

When I see people from other cultures ripping down statues and monuments from my culture whilst demanding their's is sacrosanct, it doesn't make me like them more. its not healing any racial divide. When they demand I kneel before them, or that their lives matter and seemingly mine doesn't, it doesn't make me think 'yeah, black people are having a rough time'. When I see them martyr a total piece of shit like George Floyd who is a serial offender and held a gun to a pregnant woman ... not really winning me over.

Black Lives Matter doesn't make me want to listen to the 'reasonable demands' of the black community. It makes me realise how many black people hate white people, resent everything about them, believe whites are born with the original sins of colonialism and slave ownership and that they are the problem and the world would be better off with out them. Black people are allowed to be openly racist and yet I don't have equality. I can't say those kinds of things. I don't have black privilege. And then I look at the absolute crap hole that is Africa and realise black people are full of shit.

Black people have every opportunity. No door is closed to them. They are given preferred treatment for jobs as companies desperately try to hire black people into senior positions, often positions they have no business occupying from a qualification/experience standpoint. Grade barriers are lowered to given them extra opportunities in education, at the expense of more talented white people who must miss out on a place to make room.

And yet they demand more. Their's, a community that commits more crime than any other community, then complains it has the highest incarceration rates. Complaining on one hand it has too much knife crime and demands action, and then complains bitterly about racism when that action is searching black people for knives. A community that outside of professional sports, rarely takes any exercise or eats properly, scream racism when it finds itself more susceptible to a global pandemic. Everything is always a white man's fault, and yet they love living in all the countries white people inhabit. They've no intention of going to Africa to live amongst other wonderful black people.

BLM doesn't make white people less racist. It shows us all the worst traits in blacks.

*clears throat in a glorious attempt to prove how unracist I am*
I have spoken to a few of my black friends about BLM. They say its embarrassing. Black people always playing the victim. And they also agreed black people should "leave white people's shit alone unless they want white people banning all the things black people like such as fried chicken and rap music" ... (my black friends have a sense of humour unlike the c*nts from BLM).

So there you have it. Black Lives Matter ... more than yours does. So spaketh the black community.

What kind of a conspiracy website is this?

I was patiently waiting for someone else to broach the delicate subject of the US using the Covid distraction to casually mention that there are aliens and release some footage of them.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what these things might be if not aliens?
Does anyone care that aliens seem to be visiting at will?
Have we all just accepted aliens a long time ago and this is just run of the mill alien business?

Suggestions & Concerns / SMF out of date
« on: April 06, 2020, 04:10:59 PM »
We are now a couple of versions behind with SMF and are running a version that is 3 years old.

Please add to your maintenance schedule.

Suggestions & Concerns / Library not on https
« on: March 10, 2020, 08:31:15 AM »
Not sure why the SSL certificate doesn't extend to, but being as it does extend to both and, it's a bit odd.

Needless to say my browser freaks out and informs me that my computer will get coronavirus if I download any of the resources, making me less likely to do so.

Kind Regards,

Dr David Thork

Suggestions & Concerns / FOI Request
« on: February 25, 2020, 10:15:06 AM »
The society has a shop.

That shop doesn't make any money. But still, people give money for flat earth goodies. Its a service that is provided. TFES makes no money at all from it. We all understand this.

But in the interest of transparency and general interest, how much stuff gets sold? Could TFES publish a breakdown of the purchases from the shop for 2019, please?

Also, why can't you access the store from the forum menu? That's where most people spend most of their time on this site.

Flat Earth Media / Flat Earth on UK Morning TV
« on: February 11, 2020, 09:24:50 PM »
This morning Mark Sargent (the guy who did the viral youtube video 'flat earth clues') was on 'This Morning' with Holly Willoughby and complete and utter piece of shit, Phillip Schofield. More on him below*.

Sargent didn't do a great job in the interview. And just from a political point of view, saying on British TV that all the Scots hate the English, as an American commentator ... are you an idiot, Sergant?

I found most of his rebuttals to be pretty weak. I was actually quite impressed with Schofield's line of questions. He wasn't just reading from an auto-cue. He'd obviously put in quite a bit of research to formulate his own arguments. I'd argue he was far better prepared for the interview than Sargent.

*Schofield's research into the topic despite the media shitstorm he has whipped up in recent days is quite amazing.
Last Friday Schofield decided to come out as gay. Despite his being married with two kids and being 57 years old and working in the media ... the was heralded as 'brave and courageous'.
On Saturday it was revealed he'd been grooming a 15 year old boy, by the time the kid was 18 he'd got him working on the show as a runner, and has been bumming him for the last 5 years behind his wife's back. Having fallen out, the runner had threatened to tell the media everything forcing cowardly Schofield to out himself to minimise the damage. The mainstream media have not reported any of this. Utter media black out. If you are gay ... you can cheat on your wife and groom children in the UK ... you are untouchable. Meanwhile news anchor Alistair Stewart of the same TV network was fired for Tweeting a line from Shakespeare that a black woman decided could be racist despite his having tweeted it to a white person in the past. Welcome to the Woke Kingdom.  >o<

Flat Earth Media / Trending on youtube front page
« on: January 22, 2020, 08:01:30 PM »

A highly polished hit piece. The irony being, that it will only fuel flat earth theory.  :D

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Thork crows for a bit
« on: December 16, 2019, 01:32:56 AM »
The UK had a general election. You wouldn't know it because the lefty champagne Socialists on this site probably don't want to talk about.

I'll summarise for those that didn't understand the main talking points.

The British were offered some cold blooded Capitalists who would list their first born on the FTSE100 if they thought they might make a profit OOOOORRRRRR socialism.

So the British had a quick look at Venezuala to see what all this socialism mumbo jumbo is about, decided that they liked eating and that socialism probably wasn't for them. The NHS selling Tory party won by a landslide.

This has had the effect of 'draining the swamp' in the UK. Some of the most hideous politicians have now all lost their seats. And Socialism is for now at least ... dead in the UK.

Now of course the USA has the same opportunity coming up if they have Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren on the 2020 ticket, and I expect the USA to do the same thing and boot the wicked socialists out.

Of course, Twitter has had a meltdown. British media has had a melt down. Students have had a melt down. Celebs have been having melt downs. I'm up to my armpits in salt and have been enjoying it very much. Its been like a nice little early Christmas present. Oh, and Brexit is now going to be a thing.

In this thread I'd like to collect leftist tears. Please can Pete Svarrior and others report for duty. I want to hear how it was Brexit's fault, how it was the fault of antisemitism, how the Russians ate their homework, how the electorate just didn't understand the Labour Manifesto because it was too clever for them, and how under no circumstances whatsoever was it the manifesto to blame. The Manefesto (peace be on it) was perfect, and it must not change for the next election. Even if Corbyn goes, the brain scrubbing must continue.

Technology & Information / Nephew's Computer
« on: November 27, 2019, 09:13:00 PM »
So he's 12 ... he's been asking his dad for a 'gaming PC' ... he wants to join the master race.

His Dad (my brother in law) asked me if I'd build a computer with him. My sister and her husband are going to shake down all the relatives for parts. RAM from an auntie, CPU from grandma etc.

Anyhoo we're building this on xmas day

Ryzen 2600X
Radeon 5700
16Gb 3200 DDR4
480Gb nvme
3Tb 7200 HDD
B450 motherboard m-ATX
Case with unicorn puke fans
650W PSU Bronze+
windows 10 home
144hz 1440p freesync 32" monitor (curved)

So a reasonable system. Sure, we're not made of money and the little prick likely won't get me anything so compromises have been made. But looking for a 1440p gaming experience. I don't play games that seriously but I'm guessing a 12 year old should like this. If not, I'll just disown him. Not sure I like him much anyhow.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / I want good news
« on: November 25, 2019, 07:39:04 PM »
I get a bit fed up with the news. Everyday its the same depressing crap. Someone got stabbed in London, Greta Thunberg is being 'wonderful', the EU is a utopia and we're going to be so so sorry we left, Trump is orange and bad, Putin is also bad because he meddles and on and on and on it goes.

Now there are some 'good news' websites ... but to me they aren't full of good news.

try this one

Front page is full of stories I consider to be bad news.
"Non-binary cabin announcements take off" - so the weird gender bender thing is getting more traction. That's not good news.
"European Investment Bank to end fossil fuel funding" - so energy is going to cost more. That's not good news either.
"Green party: how are festivals upping their environmental credentials?" - the paedophiles and alarmists getting more popular ... no, not good news either.

^ This is a liberal echo chamber. To me, its all bad news. If all those people died in a horrible fire, then that would be good news.

Let's try another.

Uplifting stories from the BBC.
"Man hands out free boots so kids can play sport" - yeah, I don't really care about this. Its such a small thing. Labour promising to steal people's money in the next election isn't countered by a man giving out free boots.
"At 26, Max lives alone in a caravan five miles outside Fort William, managing university pressures whilst fighting for settled status, yet he’s happier than he’s ever been." - great, a happy immigrant. Super. Again, too small and he shouldn't be there in the first place.
"The first ever Global Happiness Conference is being held at a school in Worcestershire." - Ok none of this is good news.

Its just small community news. I want good news. Good big news.
Elon Musk losing money hand over fist.
Google on the end of a $170m fine.
Hilary Clinton falls down the stairs.
USA declares war on France, rest of the world agrees to help.

Like proper big good news. Does anyone know of a website that does good news that I would like?

Technology & Information / Twitch Pricing
« on: November 12, 2019, 05:25:53 PM »
Twitch pricing is outrageous. There, I said it.  >o<

To subscribe to a streamer you can choose

Tier 1 - $4.99
Tier 2 - $9.99
Tier 3 - $24.99

Let us ignore Tier 2 & 3 as just fantasy land. Let's look at Tier 1.

For $4.99 per month you can remove the adverts, get access to 'emotes' and if the streamer happens to have it on, use 'subscriber chat'. That's the value proposition. For one account, for one streamer. If you wish to subscribe to more streamers, the price keeps going linearly so subscribe to just 3 streamers and you are paying $14.97 per month. To watch 3 different people in their bedrooms play computer games, yawn and eat their dinners.

I would also argue that for $4.99 per month you could instead get Apple's new streaming service. Which is an account for the entire family and has millions of dollars of new content such as Jason Momoa in 'See'. How does a streamer compete with that?
Its a direct competitor. Same price, wants my eyeballs.
Clearly I can't subscribe to everything. I need to make choices. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney TV etc etc. Why do I choose a streamer on Twitch? And how the hell are any of them worth $4.99?

I don't understand why Twitch would have such a stupid business model. If it was $4.99 for Twitch ... ie the entire site and I get to watch ad-free for $4.99 ... OK, if I'm spending enough time there, that might be worth it. Apple TV vs Twitch ... sure ... they could both be worth $4.99. But a single streamer? This is madness. And I think deeply unfair on the streamers. To expect them to generate $4.99 worth of content per month.
"Hey, woman in her bedroom who bodypaints herself on Twitch, Disney just added all their Marvel back catalogue, their national geographic documentaries, their stars wars and Pixar content and all the Disney films and cartoons for me to watch this month. Just $6.99. What are you going to do to compete this month?"

How can it be that 2 streamers cost more that Netflix?

Netflix is 24/7. A streamer needs to sleep, take days off, have holidays. Let's say they stream a staggering 60 hours a week ... well my new Apple TV+ account is available 108 hours a week more! Most of the time, a streamers account isn't even on ... their channel is off ... a channel I might be paying $4.99 a month for. And why would I be interested in watching a single individual for say 20 hours a week unless I had a weird obsession with them? If I'm only watching 5 hours a week I'm not really getting my money's worth, am I?

Now there is the argument that you are 'supporting' the streamer. Sure. Why can't I do that via donations? Why is the subscribe 'support' the 50% goes to Twitch bit? Am I supporting Twitch? A multi-billion dollar platform whose parent company is Amazon? Surely amazon doesn't need my 'support'. If I'm just supporting I can donate, like I would to a busker.

I do not see how Twitch can scale under this model. Sure, there will always be people who will pay over the odds as money isn't really an object. But for most people it is. If you were going to subscribe to say 3 streamers a month and throw $15 at twitch every month, now I have to choose 3 streamers? And stay committed to those ones and only watch those ones for a whole month? The entire thing is bizarre. It is like being subscribed to Netflix and only being allowed to watch Breaking Bad and absolutely nothing else for $4.99 and if I want to watch say Sense8 ... another $4.99 and then I want to watch Orange is the New Black ... yup another $4.99.

Twitch should either be $4.99 for access to the whole site and you can tip streamers individually, or you set the price to what they are actually worth. About $0.10 a month each.

Even at $0.99 I could almost say "expensive for what it is, but its only $0.99 and I might watch say 5 streamers regularly a month and 5 bucks ... fine". But I'm not paying $25 a month to watch 5 different streamers.

And if you are reading this thinking "just watch with the adverts" then you aren't someone who has ever tried to watch Twitch and been smashed with 5 ads on the bounce every 5 mins. And its not like TV where the program stops during the adverts. Oh no. The stream goes on only you can't follow it until the ads are over.

Twitch is a stupid business model that vastly over-prices and puts unrealistic pressure on streamers to deliver content, that is just impossible for them to compete with other streaming services. Prove me wrong.


It is quite the interview. I'm not really sure whether I want to take this guy's side of not.  ???

Suggestions & Concerns / Built in image hosting
« on: August 21, 2019, 06:28:54 PM »
I realise we have such a thing, but it gives a very unsatisfying thumbnail at the bottom of the page.

For years I used tinypic. That's about to die. I recently started using
They happen to have an integration for SMF. My suggestion is that we integrate this into the site to make it more convenient for everyone to add images.


Technology & Information / Need a pron machine
« on: July 15, 2019, 07:46:04 PM »
So I want a clean machine (won't stay clean for long) that is basically a computer where I can explore the deepest recesses of my mind. And I want to keep it separate from my work computer, work accounts, work e-mails etc. It is too easy for me to be logged into a client's google account and only realise when I'm halfway through wishing cancer on someone in youtube comments that I'm doing it via their account!  :o. I need a clean break. I also want this new machine to be ... well kind of a burner. So I can post horrific threads on this forum, or watch midget pron or stalk someone on facebook or harass celebs on Twitter ... basically a machine where I can be a public menace. I also want it separate from a personal work machine that I trust to make online financial transactions and visits to my online bank account.

So now that I know what I want it for, what do I want it to do?

  • Browse the internet.
  • Playback video. Mostly naked ladies at 1080p.
  • Kinda like the idea of it not being windows because I don't want it picking up viruses in the mucky places I intend to go.

So now to my list of candidates.

A very old windows PC (intel x64) that is from the middle ages and I re-purpose with Chrome OS or something on it. But like not having windows for this. Not sure I want google looking over my shoulder though.
A Raspberry Pi running Raspian.
An Intel Compute Stick.
A Jetson Nano.

The Pi 4 seemed like a good way forward and I was pretty settled on that, but it drops a hell of a lot of frames (read more than 50% at 1080p) during video playback on youtube (and likely pronhub) and I want the ladies to be jumping around because they are negotiating enormous choppers, not because I'm GPU bound and my Arm processor is hotter than the sun.

The Compute stick will likely give me similar issues as will an atom based NUC.

I'm kind of leaning towards the Jetson Nano. It has 128 cuda cores to help keep video playback silky smooth.

There must be other reprobates on this website. Do you have a machine for being a colossal pervert or public nuisance, and if so, what do you use and why?

Flat Earth Investigations / Is Boston Dynamics fake?
« on: June 17, 2019, 11:06:52 PM »
There is a fun video going around the internet, where a Boston Dynamics robot fights back.

And they just released the making of the video.

And this got me thinking about the real Boston Dynamics videos. I mean honestly, they are the same kind of trollish green screen.

The feet can be a give away ... they slide when they should be planted. The audio is often out of wack and the movement just doesn't look right ... usually too fast.

This thing doesn't look right. Especially around the 33-37 second mark. It is just too fast. And of course this is an incredibly stupid design for a robot that moves boxes. Why on earth would you make it look like an ostrich? And it doesn't do anything else.

All their robots look ... well just not like robots and not in a good next level way. In a CGI not real way.

They have 10 products now ... and no customers.

No one has ever bought a Boston Dynamics robot. So what is the business model?

Google sold Boston a while back. I have to wonder why? If Boston is telling lies about its robots ... maybe Theranos and the spectre of being accused of wire fraud (Alphabet is listed) made them drop it.

Anyway ... am I on my own or does anyone else think there is something very suspect about Boston? They have very very little content anywhere and it is nearly all just a few curated youtube videos.

Look at this thing jumping. If seems to float or hang in the air just before it lands some of the jumps. Like the physics isn't quite there. Look at and focus on its feet when it jumps. They are the only bit where the CGI has to interact with the room ... and this is where I think I see continuity issues.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

FYI you can step through youtube videos using the < and > keys on your keyboard to look frame by frame. Some of their videos with the dog thing look very weird like this. Again, focus on the feet.

In this video check out 1:27 ... step through the video and look at the back feet when its front foot touches the banana skin. It throws itself over like Neymar. It just doesn't look real.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Local elections
« on: May 02, 2019, 08:36:28 PM »
Today the wise British public casts its votes to decide which political parties will run its councils.

I happen to live in possibly the most important district in the country. The seat of the Prime Minister. Now she's not up for election but the council currently has 47 out of 57 Conservative seats in the district. Basically it is the strongest support for the party in the country.

The media has written my district off as a whitewash. But, I'm not seeing this. People are super unhappy with our council. In fact they absolutely hate it. Social media seems to suggest an upset. But that could just be a microcosm of vociferate hardline rebels. The result is announced in around 5-6 hours. If there is an upset it will be front page news with the media blaming Brexit. But just so you know, it will be nothing to do with Brexit. It'll be the head of the council rounding up all the homeless and detaining them during the Royal Wedding so they didn't make the place look messy and the state of our fucking roads!   >o< 

The do gooders are enraged here

Selfish bastards like me are enraged here

They've managed to upset absolutely everyone.

Flat Earth Investigations / Every map of China is wrong
« on: March 28, 2019, 07:22:35 PM »
Yeah, sounds like a bold claim but is a fact.

I find this interesting because so often round earthers claim "but google maps, but satellite images". In this video you can see not only do the Chinese alter all the maps with algorithms for foreigners so that nothing is where they say it is, they also bend the satellite images as well for the domestic market.

It is therefore no stretch to posit that you could indeed warp both the satellite image and the map into any shape you want. Say from a flat earth into a round one.

The Chinese use lots of these algorithms such as GCJ-02 or BD-09 on almost a company by company basis. Why on earth would I trust WGS-84 as being the correct one just because it is the US standard?

Suggestions & Concerns / [you] needs to stop
« on: March 16, 2019, 02:28:49 AM »
This feature is getting very annoying. If it was used sparingly like the lemon on the old site or didn't effect people like transparent text that would be fine.

But every day there are several examples of a thread with Guest in it. And I wonder if more people aren't a bit sick of Guest.

A person doesn't know if they are being addressed or if it is the annoying Guest tag. So one has to click quote, read the code and then press back back. Its not funny any more, we've all seen it to death and like I say, used sparingly it would be fine, but it is spammed all over the site several times a day. Can we end this dull joke now?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / On the Origin of Species
« on: February 23, 2019, 12:01:45 AM »

Oh dear. It seems you have the exact political leanings as I do. You must be an awful human being.

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