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In Chapter III - THE EARTH NO AXIAL OR ORBITAL MOTION., Rowbotham proposes an experiment to test if the Earth is rotating. It goes like this:

Picture a ball on a ship. If you drop the ball from the top of the mast, and the ship is stationary, the ball will fall straight down. If the ship is in motion and you drop the ball, then the ball, relative to the mast, will still drop straight down. This is a result of the ball's momentum given to it by the ship. He relates this to the different models of the Earth. If the Earth was stationary and you dropped a ball, the ball will go straight down, and the same for a rotating Earth.

Rowbotham then proposes that to test whether Earth rotates, you must throw a ball straight up while the ship is in motion. He gives us this image:

His text goes as is:

put the ship in motion, and let the ball be thrown upwards. It will, as in the first instance, partake of the two motions--the upward or vertical, A, C, and the horizontal, A, B, as shown in fig. 47; but because the two motions act conjointly, the ball will take the diagonal direction, A, D. By the time the ball has arrived at D, the ship will have reached the position, 13; and now, as the two forces will have been expended, the ball will begin to fall, by the force of gravity alone, in the vertical direction, D, B, H; but during its fall towards H, the ship will have passed on to the position S, leaving the ball at H, a given distance behind it.

Rowbotham then says that, because when we throw a ball into the air while standing on Earth's surface, and it does not stop at its peak altitude, this means Earth's surface is not moving under the ball, and thus it is stationary.

This makes no sense. What would cause the ball to lose all horizontal velocity at D? Why would the ball not continue in the horizontal direction as it falls, just as it moved in the horizontal direction as it rose? In real life, if you threw the ball upward while the ship was in motion, it would travel in a vertical line relative to the ship. It would not stop at its maximum altitude, like Rowbotham claims. That's pure nonsense.

This doesn't prove the Earth is flat or round, it just proves Rowbotham was very wrong in his experiment.

I'm curious, as I've been looking at a map of a bi-polar model and cannot quite wrap my head around how the sun would move over this version of the Earth's surface. Any diagrams or explanations?

Suggestions & Concerns / FE General Gone?
« on: July 03, 2018, 03:36:22 PM »
Will FE General be archived?

Since the introduction of the new sections, FE General is gone. There were some great resources and threads on there that could be valuable in information. Is there/will there be an archived version of it, or is it just gone?

Flat Earth Theory / Garlic bread and the curve of the earth.
« on: May 01, 2018, 02:11:33 AM »
Tom Scott, famous youtube scientist person, recently uploaded this video onto youtube: , where he released garlic bread on a high-altitude balloon, strapped a non-fisheye lens to it, and sent it off into the upper atmosphere. While it did NOT reach space as it's so claimed in the title (Tom even acknowledges this in the beginning of the video), it did get WAY up there, about 35.8km when the balloon pops. In the video, numerous clips were shown where the earth's horizon was curved! When the horizon was in the bottom of the frame, the horizon still curved downward, not upward as it should if the lens was fisheye. Here's screenshots with the timestamps included: (this one shows the curve just before the balloon popped at 35.8km). (this one shows the curve just after the balloon popped at 35.5km).

Notice how neither photo has the horizon filling up more than half the frame, and yet the horizon still curves away from the middle, rather than toward it if it was fisheye?

Now, I know some of you will say "oh well where is the full unedited video. Why didn't he upload that? It MUST be fake then."

Well, here you go then:

And for MUCH of the time you can see curve. Not fisheye. Not some act of perspective. Real, authentic, curvature of the earth.

Flat Earth Theory / Equinox!?
« on: March 20, 2018, 07:16:00 PM »
Today is the equinox! Happy equinox everyone.

Just a quick question for the flat-earthers out there, though. Because it is the equinox, everyone, everywhere, will be seeing the sun rise perfectly in the east, and set perfectly in the west. No matter your latitude, this is a fact. Even suncalc gives the parameters based on your location:

How is this possible on a Flat Earth?

If satellite radio, satellite tv, etc is really just coming from a source on the ground, why can you not receive signal when an object, such as a building, tunnel, bridge, etc is blocking the receiver? Regular AM/FM radio works in those situations, should Satellite radio not also work?

Flat Earth Theory / How far away is the sun at sunset/rise?
« on: March 02, 2018, 11:52:08 PM »
According to the flat earth model ( the sun is ~3000 miles above the Earth. Let's assume it is the autumnal or spring equinox. This would place the FE sun directly over the equator. If we have an observer on the equator, at noon, the sun will be 3000 miles directly above him, correct? At sunset, how far would the sun be from the observer? The distance obviously has to increase, correct? What's this new, longer distance?

Flat Earth Theory / What's your explanation for a blue sky?
« on: March 02, 2018, 11:33:05 PM »
I looked for this on the wiki but could not find it. I was wondering how you explain a blue sky. Do you agree with scientists that the blue sky is a result of the atmosphere refracting light so that the blue light scatters more than others? Or do you have a different explanation?

Flat Earth Theory / Seismographs?
« on: March 02, 2018, 10:57:20 PM »
How does the flat earth explain seismographs of earthquakes when they're on the opposite side of the Earth (according to RE)? Here's a good explanation on the phenomenon if you do not understand:

This too:

Also, why do the seismic waves from quakes seem to be blocked by a solid object in the center of the Earth? In the RE, this is the solid iron core. What explains this occurrence for a FE?


It really makes some good points. Why don't we see any noticeable change in the sun between the summer and winter solstices, except for its position? No change in size, no change in its speed across the sky, nothing. Why is everyone able to see it move about the same distance across the sky per hour(15 degrees) as mentioned in the video, when it should vary wildly depending on your location if the earth was flat? How does the sun not violate conservation of angular momentum as it moved over the plane? If momentum is conserved, as it is, then the days should increase as the sun moved further out, and decrease as it moved further in toward the north pole. The sun cannot magically speed up and slow down without some outside force. What is this force, if it exists?

Flat Earth Theory / How does FE explain the Eötvös effect?
« on: February 18, 2018, 02:17:01 AM »

"The Eötvös effect is the change in perceived gravitational force caused by the change in centrifugal acceleration resulting from eastbound or westbound velocity."

How would a flat, non-moving Earth explain this effect?

Flat Earth Projects / There is an error in your wiki made by Tom
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:29:46 PM »
I have noticed an error in your wiki on this page: made by Tom Bishop

You claim that the LRV seems to be still packaged in the LM, yet there are tracks in the surface from the rover (photo AS17-140-21370). This is simply untrue. The LRV was taken out when this photo was taken. In the photo before (AS17-140-21369), the LRV is clearly seen:

In fact, in many photos taken before 21370, the LRV can be seen, in 21368:, 21367:

Probably the biggest contender that this photo was not taken before the LRV was deployed, is that this photo, along with the others linked here, was taken during the 3rd EVA. The LRV was deployed in the first. There are numerous magazines from the first and second EVAs that show this.

Lastly, and this has been added on as an edit, is that Tom has the completely wrong compartment. He is claiming that the compartment left of the ladder (if facing the ladder) is the one holding the LRV. It would seem this way, with the big boxy thing sticking out of it, but that is not true. That is the MESA or the Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly. It held scientific equipment. The LRV was actually kept in the compartment just to the right of the ladder. This can be seen in the diagrams of the descent stage:, in a simulation:, in the testing of the unfolding on earth:, and, most importantly, in original videos from Apollo 15's unpacking: It appears to me that Tom has mixed up the compartment that the LRV is held in. This mistake should be corrected by deleting the section entirely, as there is no problem that Tom claims.

I suspect some lying is being done by the flat-earthers or not enough research was done.

Flat Earth Community / Eric Dubay’s YouTube Channel Has Been Removed
« on: December 13, 2017, 06:35:55 AM »
Removed for hate speech and violation of YouTube terms/conditions. It’s about time.

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