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Flat Earth Theory / Round earth using flat earth material once again.
« on: December 05, 2016, 08:51:13 AM »
My common sense tell me, if something is obscured by the horizon it my well be because of refraction so what the cowards say:
if something can be seen in horizon it because of refraction, so they go the lab and prepare some miniature experiment to show that, but seemingly nothing will change their mind that both can be true.

2) my common sense tell me: if the horizon is a straight line it shows the earth cannot be round, because if you see a building 60 miles away you would expect to see a subtle curve make it to the building, NO NO you can't because we found some formula(the refraction type formula) to support our idea that the earth is small and insignificant so they may do whatever they want here and have no meaning to their actions.

Flat Earth Theory / it all begin with the will...
« on: November 30, 2016, 12:23:58 AM »
Those round earthers - have formulas after formulas to claim the earth is round, so they have every basis to claim the earth is round because they found formulas to every flaw, such as:the earth is tilted, the moon orbit is tilted - you can do it for every kind of module, you can provide formulas for every kind of module and for centuries based all the world according to the module.
So measurements are based according to the modules therefore don't try to prove flat earth through measurements, they are already corrupted.

I have my measurements - I looked into one of the satellites famous maps and calculate within my head and emotion if the measurements are valid. and they are not - try it yourself, walk for 200 meters according to satellite map and tell yourself if you walked 200 meter.
Look before you walk this distance and see if it really look like 200 meters - I am telling you, I looked a 200 meters distance according to satellites and it looked like 1km at least.

My theory: the vastness of space, earthly space is stretching while you walk and proceed in space, this means that a building you look at is not exactly how it looks and how much space it take.
when you walk your vision and your timing is in slow-motion but if you look behind you, you may see you have walked much more than if you look forward.

Flat Earth Theory / Let do an experiment with certain rules
« on: November 18, 2016, 01:16:16 AM »
We have to give our proofs for our modules only according to our personal experience not by any source of information (Media,wikipedia,university)

According to my own experience I don't know what the shape of earth.

but I am waiting to people like intikam and other to share their experience

Flat Earth Theory / People want the globe earth to win because of religion
« on: November 14, 2016, 02:17:14 AM »
The meaning of Globe earth and chemtrails and silicon trees and all of these. is to preserve the idea that things are never changed therefore people should appreciate the people who preserve the monotonous and static environment of earth.
when the earth is static and non-moving and non-changing low-graded people can be admired, while the successful are the opposite.
this is the case where ungifted people ruling the world Atmosphere while the people who make this world much more great, are found behind cannot do nothing.

The idea to make the lowest gifted person into great ones and the great ones into low-gifted.

This is the idea of religion - take the idea of evolution which says the most adaptable succeed and turn it into opposite.

Religion is all about monotonous and admiring of the weak and the most feeble in imagination.

Globe earth is true, while it is not 100% true there are many characteristics which the earth can do like changing phases.

But the idea that we have no place to carry on our efforts to make ourselves better and better it is the flag of science and religion.

Someone has posted that GPS do not work at Sahara, I will argue that it won't work at places with low coverage from GPS Mountain based antennas.
What happen is that antennas all over the world cover with frequencies a lot of space and then you have your signal to GPS.

The best place to put such an antenna is at mountains, there you can has a lot of connections all over the world, second thing is what we call microwave:
You launch signals from far away and the signal get caught on ground and allow you navigate safely.

Rayzor once said there is a specific frequency - yes this is the frequency for GPS Mountain based antennas.
When we know that antennas are hundreds of kilometers far away even thousands of kilometers we can assume that the antenna is in a very remote part of the world, or at very far away part of the world,
The world is full of signals of antennas that's all.

There are satellites at space they produce useless photos but not GPS signal.

That's my theory I am not a professional I am just want to speculate according to the laws of this forum.

Flat Earth Community / History questionning
« on: November 08, 2016, 07:30:26 AM »
How's that people thought the earth to be flat while it so obvious the sun is setting everyday, were they in the middle ages and before so dumb to think that the sun sink in the sea ?, it should be a big sage for people all over the world to debate why the hell the sun going to down every dawn.

Second they could see their ships do similar thing as the sun, as we all know, so why people were so ignorant and did not consider the option of convex earth ?

Those are simple question for common people not scientific one, please tell me how those people couldn't do the right "math".

Antarctica is a real continent and it is the biggest continent.
Greenland is as big +- as Africa,
People want's Antarctica to be frozen because it make the Ground to disappear and the ground is a truthful being.

What happened is that the astronauts were participate in a drill to demonstrate landing on the moon or participating in a series of drills in a very smart environment to demonstrate the ISS, till this part they know they are participate in drill.
when the drill is over their mind is fooling them and implant them new memories which make them believe that the drill was the real thing.
These astronauts are being fooled by their mind, they have false memories, they think they did the real thing, they don't know that they seconds before were in a drill.
Poor people.

Arts & Entertainment / Mandela effect
« on: July 13, 2016, 04:39:59 PM »
Did you know that many of our countries and islands and rivers and lakes and gulfs are being added every day ?

Did you know that the music of Johann Sebastian Bach was not written by him according to my understanding of the truth.
Bach was a fictional figure, the one who wrote his music was some kind of a demon or shadow figure which was influence by true human being.
The life of JSB was forged to make the history seem linear and logical. but his music is far more advanced than any other music.
I believe the world to be existing for 100 years not because I see thing or hear things, because I believe the world couldn't exist before the age of cars,planes,Moving pictures and the rest of what we mistakley call: Technology which means, Techno(technical) nol lag, to make the technical become more stupid.
There are more things in the music of bach that was being distorted but you should ask what and I will answer.

Flat Earth Theory / I can debunk everything with round earth just ask
« on: July 13, 2016, 11:31:15 AM »
Round earth is based on science, science is the way to fool people and to fool human beings, if someone will tell me how can I prove something, I would tell him:"i can't therefore it is the truth" if you can prove something it is blatantly false.

The world is animistic, everything has a mind, every nanometer of space has mind.
the world has innumerable dimensions and frequencies, we are using right now several frequencies to see the world, and we see multiply of entities which we consider them as natural but they are mindfully not natural they are entities with thoughts and intentions.
now Round earthers, ask me everything you want to know about why the world is flat and why your proofs are nothing compare to the truth of the flat earth. 

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