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Or any other moment for that matter,103.44/2

Flat Earth Community / Internet Radio Program - Any Globalists Interested?
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:40:41 AM »
Hi Globalists,

I am interested in discussing the issue of global vs flat earth and record the discussion on skype.  My objective would be to have the recording put into Markus Allens Vault if he accepts it.

My thinking is that we jointly develop an agenda for the discussion and ensure that both parties have their views on each agenda item expressed in full.  This would be obtained by asking the question "do you agree that your views on this topic have been fully aired?" and seeking a "yes" before moving from the agenda point.

If anyone is interested, please post a message in my inbox.


This debate is easy to resolve.  A camera, suitably set up in a frame to maintain horizontal line of sight, is sent up in a weather balloon.  If the earth is an oblate spheroid then the horizon will appear lower in the frame.  If the horizon maintains the same position in the camera (as I have no doubt that it will, because it does when I fly), then the world in unambiguously flat.

I look forward to the troll responses about why we can't do this simple experiment.

Flat Earth Theory / Sunrise and Sunset at the Falklands
« on: December 29, 2013, 11:20:28 AM »
i have just looked up the hours of sunrise and sunset for the Falkland Islands in late Dec and for London in late June.  The hours of daylight are the same in each case.  This is contrary to Rowbotham's assertions. Comments please?

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