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In the RE model the length of the Equator is about 40,000Km and both Tropics are about 36,700Km long.

In an FE model (any model will do), what are the lengths of the Equator and the two Tropics?

If there is any doubt, by "Equator" I mean all the points on Earth where the Sun is overhead at an equinox, and by "Tropic" I mean all the points on Earth where the Sun is overhead at the respective solstice.

I did look on the WiKi before posting, but could not find anything about this (for obvious reasons).

Flat Earth Theory / Why is there no standard map of the earth?
« on: February 21, 2021, 10:44:20 AM »
Round earth theory has a very precise and accurate map of the earth, but there is no equivalent for flat earth theory. In fact there seem to be multiple conflicting versions of the flat earth map.

All this round earth data must be faked from the real (flat earth) data. So there must be a simple way of creating round earth data from flat earth data.

If we can work out how they do this, we can create a very detailed map of the flat earth using their faked data.

So why can't we work out how they do this?

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