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Hi Stacy,

The map you provided is rather quite common. The book, on the other hand, would be a very interesting asset. Would you perhaps be able to digitise it so that we could provide an electronic copy in our Library?

No, Ferguson's map is actually NOT common at all, though there are images of it on the internet.

There are only three known original maps: one now in the Library of Congress, one in the Adams Museum of Deadwood, SD, one in a private home in California.

The book I have is even more rare, and does not exist on the internet at all.

I have it in a pdf format, and I have sent it to two FE researchers other than myself since receiving it.

I have also just received a second rare Ferguson book, which I will post about soon.

Do you want to pm me some instructions on how to get it into your library? Thanks!


Hi Stacy!
How can I download a copy of the book? I have searched high and low and cannot find it anywhere.

Thank you!

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