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Title: Flat Earth Society in the media
Post by: Pete Svarrior on February 12, 2018, 10:51:10 AM
Hi guys,

In this thread, I will attempt to document the FES's media coverage. Everyone is welcome to post links to articles, but as per FEIR conventions, please do not use this thread for discussing or debating the contents of the articles (start a thread in FEG for that).

In the future, I hope to have a press/media section on the website. Articles listed here may form the core of that section if and when that comes around.

Also, for the avoidance of doubt, my intention here is to document media coverage concerning our specific society, not other groups or the FE movement in general.

I'll follow up with a few posts shortly as I try and round up interviews and articles from the past few months.
Title: Re: Flat Earth Society in the media
Post by: Pete Svarrior on February 12, 2018, 12:27:53 PM
This is unlikely to be comprehensive, but should be a good starting point!

28/03/2017Why athletes are drawn to the flat earth theorySports Illustrated(Click) (
04/08/2017Flat Earth Believer Tries To Explain Why Their Theory Definitely Isn’t Bulls**tLADbible(Click) (
21/08/2017What Flat Earthers Are Saying About the Total Solar EclipseInverse(Click) (
22/08/2017A BIG FLAT LIE Looney flat-earthers claim the solar eclipse that shatters their theory is a HOAX… but their attempts to explain it are RIDICULOUSThe Sun(Click) (
12/09/2017This Person Was Banned From A Flat Earth Group For Sharing A Dinosaur Joke And People Are StunnedBuzzFeed News(Click) (
09/10/2017If a scientific conspiracy theory is funny, that doesn’t mean it’s a jokeThe Verge(Click) (
28/10/2017What does it take to believe the world is flat?Boston Globe(Click) (
29/10/2017Elon Musk made the most perfect point about the Flat Earth conspiracyThe Independent(Click) (
29/10/2017The Flat Earth Society and Elon Musk's Terrible Twitter ConversationInverse(Click) (
29/10/2017Flat Earth Society Responds To Elon Musk's Tweet And We Just Can't EvenIFLScience(Click) (
30/10/2017Elon Musk tweet leads Flat Earth Society to claim Mars is a sphereGlobal News(Click) (
30/10/2017Flat Earthers to Elon Musk: Mars is round, sillyCNET(Click) (
27/11/2017The Flat Earth Society tries to explain why the earth isn't round with Jake YapptalkRADIO(Click) (
29/11/2017Elon Musk Savages The Flat Earth Debate In TweetsLADbible(Click) (
29/11/2017Do Flat Earthers Believe Other Planets Are Flat Too? Elon Musk WondersInternational Business Times(Click) (
30/11/2017The Flat Earth Society Just Responded to Elon Musk's Tweet And We're ConfusedScienceAlert(Click) (
30/11/2017Flat Earth Society leaves Twitter baffled after informing Elon Musk that Mars 'has been observed to be round' (but still insists our planet isn't a sphere)Daily Mail Online(Click) (
30/11/2017Elon Musk vs. the Flat Earthers: Is Mars flat too?National Post(Click) (
01/12/2017Flat Earth Society Trolls Elon Musk, Claims Mars is RoundExtremeTech(Click) (
01/12/2017Elon Musk wades into Flat Earth debate – and sparks uproarDaily Star(Click) (
01/12/2017Elon Musk takes swipe at Flat Earth conspiracy theorists with one obvious questionMirror Online(Click) (
02/12/2017We Asked Two Flat Earthers: What About the Other Planets?Newsweek(Click) (
02/12/2017Elon Musk Owns Flat earther's!TMZ TV(Click) (
12/12/2017The Flat Earth Society: Meet a man convinced that the world isn't roundInternational Business Times(Click) (
31/01/2018This 21st Century Society Believes The Earth Is Flat And We Are Being Tricked Into Thinking OtherwiseED Times(Click) (
07/02/2018Elon Musk just shut down the flat Earth conspiracy theoristsThe Independent(Click) (
07/02/2018SpaceX flat Earth SHOCK: Was Falcon Heavy launch faked to conceal planet's shape? (
08/02/2018The Flat Earth Society issues statement after Elon Musk launched a car into spaceYahoo News(Click) (
09/02/2018The Flat Earth Society has revealed that SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch was a hoaxBig Think(Click) (
09/02/2018This Is What Flat-Earthers Think About SpaceX's Falcon Heavy LaunchIFLScience(Click) (
10/02/2018Falcon Heavy A Hoax? Flat Earthers Imply Recent SpaceX Launch Was FakedTech Times(Click) (
12/02/2018Flat Earth Community believes Falcon heavy rocket launch by SpaceX was HoaxScience Examiner(Click) (