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Title: rob skiba
Post by: mister bickles on July 07, 2015, 04:20:42 AM
have been sifting through this for the last coupla weeks....

Rob Skiba's 'blog..... ;

huge amount of material on there......

the only "bone" i'v got to pick with Mr Skiba is that he believes in "the official fractured fairy tale" abt WWII/Hitler/nazis/six million dead jews &c;

(i mention that only because its some-thing that could well detract from his overall credibility.....but....unfortunately, many Christians feel compelled to genuflect before the altar of gotta wonder who they fear more? Jesus Christ or the jews?......just my "aside" on Mr Skiba.....not, of course, central to his well-researched and informative material.....   ::) )

here is his latest Y-tb

go to abt the 25-mnt  "mark" where there is a 15mnt video 'clip' of renowned Biblical scholar Dr Michael Heiser (sic?) discussing ancient Hebrew cosmology and what the Bible really says about the Earth and the Universe;

Title: Re: rob skiba
Post by: mister bickles on July 13, 2015, 10:47:21 AM
Daniel Ott interviews Rob Skiba;
in this interview, Mr Skiba explains how the flat Earth totally destroys anti-God modernism and, effectively, buries "the Enlightenment";
also: how it is, pretty much, a slam dunk for Christianity and the veracity of the Bible!   ::)