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Title: Sunday, August 2: flat Earth opportunity to test the space travel conspiracy
Post by: GoldCashew on July 29, 2020, 08:53:40 PM

This Sunday, Astronauts Bob and Doug are scheduled to return to our globe Earth from space travel on the ISS, thus ending the Demo 2 phase from NASA and Space X.

Was wondering if there are any planned observational / telemetry type experiments from TFES / FE'ers whom believe that space travel is a conspiracy, in order to stress test this belief which is on the WIKI.

For example, Bob and Doug are to enter the Earth's atmosphere at over 15,000 miles per hour, which is over 20 times mach speed. If space travel is a hoax, then what hypothesis and theories could explain a man made capsule being able to appear in the sky and travelling at over 20 times mach speed?

Also, if Bob and Doug never went to space, where would they have been over the past few months, if not on our Earth? Would they have been kept in some type of secret location on the ground, secretly launched in a capsule on Sunday and then performed the hoax of re-entry?

Also, are there any Flat Earthers that are body language experts that plan to watch Bob and Doug's post entry press interview to see if they are lying?