Re: What is beyond the south pole?
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Operation Paperclip was when US government illegally got Nazi rocket people to join them in order to develop the space program. A couple years later, strange things started happening - Operation Highjump (part of Admiral Byrd Antarctica expedition) involved possible contact with Byrd and space aliens, and perhaps some escaped Nazis also who had a secret base in Antarctica and were (Foolishly) trying to partner with the space aliens. I think the aliens let Byrd go basically but he had to promise to never come back, nor allow anyone else to come back. The space aliens are from beyond the strip of Antarctica that encircle our "island world" from some other "island world" of their own, part of the infinite ocean plane of "island worlds". The Nazis likely were killed by the aliens and / or stupidly thought they could cross the inter-world ocean past Antarctica and they all sunk due to tempests / tidal waves far in excess of anything we have in our (comparably calm) world. The aliens are content to guard the border and possibly secretly cooperate with US government, so long as we keep it all on the down low, because humanity is not ready for this revelation. Professor Sargent was almost correct except for the ice wall thing. There might even be a small-ish one but not a "dome" per ce. I think our "island world" occurs naturally and is not constructed artificially but that is another topic. Lots of strange stuff happened in short sequence: Operation Paperclip, Operation Highjump, Roswell Landings, and of course the space program itself. It all ties together and cannot be explained by the globetard model. Also they won't let you fly from San Tiago , Chile to Sidney, Australia b/c the distance on the flat earth is too long and a normal DC-10 aeroplane cannot make that journey without refueling whereas it could make it were the earth round. That is the smoking gun right there for the globetard model.

A lot to cover there, Aleph.  Not sure if I've followed it all. 

Who is "they", that won't let us fly from San Tiago to Sidney (sic).  Is it the Aliens or the Nazis who are preventing flights between the sovereign nations of Chile and Australia (and, incidentally, New Zealand) in international skies?   You are correct that the DC10 won't cut it, as most, or all, of the remaining non-military ones are now exclusively used as freighters.   

Until recently, the direct flights between Santiago and Sydney took place 3 times per week by a LATAM/Qantas codeshare Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  Did it in around 13 hours westbound and 12 hours eastbound if I remember correctly.