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I'm trying to separate the member from the thread here. This isn't a defense of anyone's past behavior and it's not really a condemnation of anyone's recent choices. As a general statement, it seems silly to lock an AR thread because you think the OP should have posted in the uppers. You could just move it to the right place instead of closing it and locking it, then allow discussion to develop in the appropriate venue. And if it would have been locked in the uppers and/or sent back to the lower boards, then it was kind of in the right place all along, wasn't it?

Suggestions & Concerns / SMF software update
« on: April 26, 2022, 09:26:26 PM »
The forum software we're running has a couple updates waiting in the wings right now that I wanted to point out. The biggest update is they released SMF2.1 now as an official, production-ready release (current version is 2.1.1). That's been years in the making, and it seems like there are some nice improvements baked in. However, it's not nearly as easy to migrate to, even for admins running a vanilla SMF instance, so I imagine that will take some time to get ready for this site.

Probably more relevant is the fact that SMF also released version 2.0.19, which is just an incremental bump to the version of the software running here. Sort of. With the tweaks you guys have made over the years, I would imagine the patch might need a closer inspection to make sure it plays nice with your environment, but it does bring some compatibility and security improvements.

Suggestions & Concerns / CN Mobile Formatting
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:15:19 PM »
Ok so I'm uber-noob here and maybe this has been discussed. If so, tell me to shut up.

Complete Nonsense is hard to read and navigate on a 5" mobile screen. Is there any way to keep the festive snow, but make it a little easier to use on a small screen like the rest of the fora?

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