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Flat Earth Theory / Another Debate Thread
« on: March 14, 2018, 06:40:40 AM »
All of these points are in Earth Not a Globe. Whether you believe it to be right or wrong, I don't understand why you guys don't dive into our literature to see what our actual arguments are before going through the efforts of making Youtube videos and debunking websites. Its not like that book isn't one of the first things that comes up when one starts researching this subject.

Why do I have to be here regurgitating the book every day? The book is free and online. If you are going to make an attack you should address the actual source material, not your personal idea of what FET is.

Because we find huge flaws in observation and comprehension in 'the book' and unfortunately a book is unable to respond to criticism itself.

You appear to be pretty eager to jump in and waffle on, so why bother pretending it's a chore when it's clearly your self appointed mission?

The person who made the video in the OP isn't criticizing Earth Not a Globe. He apparently did not even read Earth Not a Globe.

So you are replying to the person that made the video?

I don't think he's here.

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