EA vs Moon Tilt Illusion
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So this page outlines the theory of EA


which states that

All light curves upwards over very long distances

But then there's a section about the Moon Tilt Illusion

The Electromagnetic Accelerator is able to make unique predictions and predict phenomena that the Round Earth Theory does not. If the Sun is illuminating the Moon under straight line geometry, such as in RET, then it would be expected that the illuminated portion of the Moon will always point at the Sun, much like how when shining a flashlight at a ball the illuminated portion of the ball will always appear to point at the flashlight to observers positioned around the ball. It is natural and expected that the illuminated portion of a body will appear to point at its light source, like an arrow will point at its destination in space. Because the light paths are warped due to Electromagnetic Acceleration, however, the illuminated portion of the Moon will often be seen to point away from the Sun.

And there's this diagram:

Two things I don't understand about this.
1) This illusion is, as the name suggests, an illusion. You can stretch out a straight line between the moon and sun to show that there is indeed a straight line running perpendicular to the terminator on the moon which points at the sun. It doesn't look like it is but that's why it's called an illusion.
2) In that diagram the light is bending downwards. So how is EA relevant here?
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Re: EA vs Moon Tilt Illusion
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In that diagram the light is bending downwards.
This diagram does not represent EA - it comes from an RE publication. You may want to read the Moon Tilt Illusion page.

As this thread blatantly falls under "not familiarising oneself with the basics before posting", I'm going to go ahead and lock this now.
Read the FAQ before asking your question - chances are we already addressed it.
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