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Hey Guys supposed the martians from the movie THE WAR OF THE WORLDS ! :) :)
we dont have a webcam on our Perseverance rocket?¿

Some like that .. wtf??

I was watching the landing process  ;D :D, but it seemed strange to me  :P that the youtube-stream only show a computer screen like a computer simulator, with some lines on the left where it supposedly indicated what was happening at that time, but no photo of the landing. . :-B ;)

Four eyes  ::) see more than two..what do you think about this ...

 :P  ;D

Let's see if we find something strange!!Enjoy
we can comment here

Flat Earth Investigations / ISS International Space Station
« on: May 12, 2020, 04:29:43 PM »
What do you think about the International Space Station,..ingravity of astronauts that are there..
I was watching this video..
there is some theory from the point of view of the flat earth people? :P :P ..  ;D ;D

If you stick with the majority, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist we all believe the Earth is flat and covered by a Raqia or Dome.

No, we don't.

As for the OP, my understanding of this is a bit hazy but I think it's because we have an atmosphere which traps a lot of heat that it doesn't cool down too much at night. On the moon which has no atmosphere there is a huge temperature difference between day and night sides of the moon.
Yes but as you can see in the wikipedia chart only approx. 25% remains on earth, and the temperature difference between day and night is minimal. I think there must be some other reason  :P

The problem with your assumption is most Satanist believe the earth is a planet. If you stick with the majority, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist we all believe the Earth is flat and covered by a Raqia or Dome.

Wikipedia is infiltrated with Trolls, science is similar to fake news, so read manuscripts of at least 1500 years old.
Hi J-Man  ;D ;D ;) ;) :)
I think you did not understand my question, and you dedicate yourself to making jokes on the flat earth, please do not waste your time, I am an engineer by profession and I like to investigate things, i don't believe in god, buddha, Raqia, Seth or something like that ..perhaps the earth is round and the universe is flat? As Picasso said Art is a lie that makes us realize reality. 8)

Perhaps this is a trivial question  :o, but today just thinking about the temperature on the surface of the earth and supposedly the temperature of the planet earth is due to the sun that is what we all imagine, now if the sun is reflected in a part of Earth by day, that part of the surface at night that does not reflect the sun should not be much lower temperature. Not only a few degrees but it should decrease much more ... What do you think about that?

From Wikipedia source:
Earth energy budget:
Absorbeb by atmosphere 16%+Abosrbeb by clouds 3%+Conduction and rising air 7%=26% only
supposedly remains on the surface of the earth

 ;D ;D Very very interesting, good job! thanks for simulation :) what I would have to say is that I am surprised that it was so bright and it seemed that it was closer than the moon of us and the distance between the moon and Jupiter in our photo appears much larger.
but I guess it will be normal due to the movement of the planets  :P

I don't know if this data is interesting the sunset here was at 20:05 UTC / GMT +1. The picture was taken at 23:07. The location would be in Cadiz Spain. It's too late here and I fall asleep. Thanks.. See you soon

thank TheScientist you but here in this case the star or planet was to the left of the moon not to the right..  :-\  8)

Thanks guys for the replies, ChrisTP it was an object bright enough not to be a satellite, I've seen many stars at night and I don't think it was that and too big to be able to see it with my eyes.  ::)
TheScientist  the star was far enough from the moon more than the diameter, and I think that to be a occulation it should be closer.

 :-B Hi guys! What do you think?

Today we were watching the moon at night, and it caught our attention that a star that was close to the moon, seemed to be closer than the moon of us, that star fell with time about half an hour and disappeared. Any theory about that? I have some fotos but i can't upload because max. 192KB..

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