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Suggestions & Concerns / Re: Appealing Bans
« on: May 29, 2019, 11:10:36 PM »
Perhaps what you can do is create a temporary alt and say in your ban appeal that this is temporary, and once it is fixed, you can delete.

A better way to handle with these types of problems, is a separate forum for help that only moderators can respond to, however other users can create a new thread. You can still post in that forum even if you are banned, (not for permanent ones though). I really support this because it is better for many mods to agree for the ban versus one mod having a bad day and yeah.

Flat Earth Community / Re: Has the flat earth movement flatlined?
« on: May 28, 2019, 11:41:16 PM »
Agreed. I don't have to do experiments but I could if I wanted too. I can plant a stick in the ground and record its shadow every hour. It will change 15 degrees every hour. I could take a trip to the South Pole for a couple weeks if I wanted to, but it would cost too much. I could take a trip from Perth to Johannessburg and see Antarctica for myself, predicted by the globe model, but FAR from the fastest route on the flat earth.

Many more experiments that I haven't mentioned. If flat earthers are so interested in this "truth" they can do these things. They can travel to the South Pole, but they choose not to. They are scared of the real truth.

Flat Earth Community / Re: Censored
« on: May 27, 2019, 06:03:25 PM »
Hi, spent alot of time watching flat earth videos last year then left it, was telling a friend today about it and I tried to find a video for them to watch, why have all the great videos disappeared? Are YouTube censoring anything that puts up a good argument for a flat earth? Every video that comes up is either trying to debunk or just making fun of it, that includes Google searches, it wasn't like this 6 months ago
YouTube really does not give a fuck about these. Possibly, the reason why you think videos have been "censored" is because of:

A) Flat Earth creators deleting/restricting comments or reviews, or even deleting their video
B) Videos mocking the Flat Earth receive more views than actual Flat Earth videos (nigahiga's video has like 17 million views)
C) Many Globe Earth creators constantly debunk Flat Earth videos, so when you search up "Flat Earth" you will see "Flat Earth Debunked!" since it matches your search.

Status Notices / Re: Scheduled maintenance, 2019-03-09
« on: May 26, 2019, 09:54:26 PM »
Thank you Parsifal, very cool!

Flat Earth Theory / Flight Paths are Curved
« on: May 26, 2019, 02:15:07 AM »
I would like to know the explanation for how it is possible for the fastest route to be curved instead of a straight line on a flat plane. How does this make sense on a flat earth? Thanks!

Flat Earth Community / Re: Has the flat earth movement flatlined?
« on: May 26, 2019, 02:03:23 AM »
RE doesn't seem very passionate about their ball.
Einstein is rolling in his grave from that comment.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Why do we see the same stars every night?
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:38:27 PM »
The reason we do see the same stars every night is because of the vast distances in space. They are like hundreds of light years away, so the paralax angle is very insignificant. Therefore, we don't see much difference. Earth's orbit is 180 miles in diameter, compare that to the distance to the nearest star.

It is statistical that 97 in 100 people have no idea about how an airplane or a bird flies.
More than 95 in 100 doesn't know the cycle of rain.
More than 95 still thinking plants and trees are the responsible for the oxygen on the planet.
More than 98 have no idea why it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
Less than 1% can tell you by memory the names of the chemical elements Na, Ag, Au, Cu, S.
Less than 1% heard any of the following expressions; "NPN, If-Then-Else, Sin(x), nanosecond, 50ml, v=d/t"
Less than 1% can understand how to calculate with 9.8m/s².
Less than 1% can tell you the 5 decimal digits of PI number.
Less than 5% have no idea what PI is used for.
Less than 1% can tell you the value of hypotenuse of a isosceles right triangle with sides equal to 1
Less than 1% can tell you the square root of 2 or 3
For lots of people "tangent" may be a color
Lots of people still believing in ghosts, spirits and supernatural
Less than 1% can tell you how many cubic cm into a 1 cubic meter
Very few can calculate the area of a circle     
Less than 1% knows how may pieces are in a chess game board.
Less than 1% knows what Tegucigalpa is and where it can be found, not knowing if it is a city, a lake or a fruit's name.
A very little percentage of the world's population ever entered into an airplane, much less traveled to another country.
Less than 1% knows how an air conditioned, fridge or freezer unit works.
Less than 2% knows the function of pancreas in the human body.
Very few people will know where Hydrocarbons can be found.
Very few use 10 fingers on a computer keyboard.
Very few read at least one book per year.

This is why we, humans, institucionalize schools and teachers, research and scientific development, trying to perpetuate knowledge and even improve it.
This is why there are scientists, universities, technology development, health and food improvement.

The stupid and ignorants are easy pray for any wrong information and manipulation, bad guys knows it, and use it for their own gain and profit. 
It is no surprise why most of the world's population still poor, hungry and sick.

Lots of people do not have a minimum idea where North direction is, or even read a map on paper.  Do you really expect them to have a 3D mental mechanic visualization capability to understand the universe, gravity, elliptic orbit, shadow projections, photons and radiation path and refraction, stars, space and time, etc?   They have no idea even what "elliptic" means.  They can not understand.

For those people, if you promise them "a diploma, or making part of a group" without needing to think, learn, use a calculator, study, etc, just by following you, and listening to you saying "believe me, I know it", they will follow you easy, they will pile up to share your "knowledge without efforts".  That is how humanity is behaving for thousands of years.   The worst atractors are the ones without any logical of scientific explanations, you just need to believe, and that's it.  On purpose they don't explain by numbers just to have an easy escape route in case of any contesting.  If you state your home has 2000 square feet facing north, it is better to have it right, somebody may prove you wrong and a liar.  But if you say "my home is big, facing the wind"... you can always get rid of someone trying to prove you wrong.  A nasty trick used by many crooks.

One of the best things I learn in life was that people are not the same.  If you learn something a little more than your neighbor, congratulations, but you will be along with few ones in this universe.  You can try to teach your neighbor, but don't expect that he will be capable to understand a single word you say, or worse, he may not even want to hear you.  For lots of people, the act of "thinking" hurts, it is difficult, tiresome, even boring. 

Science and experience proves that to build a bridge or a building you need to do a lot of calculations, it could not be done only by guessing and believing.
Those statistics are honestly very sad, if true. I've heard that 6% of America believes the Earth is flat. And that half of American adults believe that 9/11 is part of some conspiracy. On top of that, I've heard that about 15% of people in the UK believe chemtrails exist too. Frightening.

In support of FET, I have heard the argument that objects would go flying sideways if the earth was truly a spinning ball. Similarly, that pressurised gas requires a container and so this concept of an ‘atmosphere’ is nonsense. These are from instagram and facebook, so I’m not saying they are the best arguments, but I’m seeing them used a lot, so assume the majority of Flat Earthers see them as good arguments.

HOWEVER. On the Flat Earth Society wiki, Universal Acceleration and the principle of equivalence are used to describe how we are/could be being ‘pushed up’, like when you are in a car which is accelerating. There is some decent physics here. Much better than the stuff I’m seeing on social media.

The very fact that Acceleration is needed to explain the phenomena we normally call ‘gravity’, shows that there is a universal and verifiable phenomena in which some one (or thing) on or within a moving object of a constant speed (i.e. NON-ACCELERATING) would move along with the object without experiencing a push or pull sensation. That is why, people and trees and things don’t go flying off a ball if it is spinning at a constant rate. Therefore, the argument I quoted in the first sentence is debunked, even using the physics expounded by Flat Earth Theory itself (on this website, at least).

If I am wrong about this contradiction, please say so. I don’t pretend to know everything this is just something I think I have noticed.

If I am right, and you see the contradiction amongst Flat Earther arguments, what do you think about them?
I think (well, I hope) most flat earthers understand the reason we don't fly off into space is because of gravity on our model. The centrifugal force is literally hundreds of times lesser than the gravitational force. Just like we wouldn't feel the force of the Earth accelerating at 9.8m/s^2 since we are moving relative to the Earth. Like a moving vehicle, toss a ball into the air and it'll stay in the same position and won't travel to the back of the car at whatever speed the vehicle is moving.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Total Eclipse July 02 2019
« on: May 16, 2019, 01:14:17 AM »
Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer worked it out using a FE map and the Saros Cycle. See:

The paths make perfect arcs, unlike the Round Earth model.
The 2017 total solar eclipse is not a perfect arc. And most eclipses you look at aren't perfect arcs either. Look at future eclipses around the poles (well... North Pole) and you'll notice that it they aren't perfect arcs. The future eclipse spherical showed wasn't a perfect arc either. It was in the shape of a hill.

What are you talking about? On Flat Earth maps the paths are perfect arcs. They are distorted on other types of maps because they are not correct.

Here is Oppolzer's map for 2010-2028. The 2017 eclipse is a perfect arc on this map.

I was talking about the globe model.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Total Eclipse July 02 2019
« on: May 16, 2019, 12:01:12 AM »
Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer worked it out using a FE map and the Saros Cycle. See:

The paths make perfect arcs, unlike the Round Earth model.
The 2017 total solar eclipse is not a perfect arc. And most eclipses you look at aren't perfect arcs either. Look at future eclipses around the poles (well... North Pole) and you'll notice that it they aren't perfect arcs. The future eclipse spherical showed wasn't a perfect arc either. It was in the shape of a hill.

The sun would have to be literally as dense as a neutron star on the flat earth for it to undergo a nuclear fusion process. If the Sun on the flat earth creates energy the same way on the heliocentric model, extreme pressures would be impossible, because there would be no gravity. With no gravity, supernovae would be impossible. With supernovae being impossible, stars would be burning fuel forever. With stars burning fuel forever, neutron stars, black holes, and the new formation of stars would be impossible. With the new formation of stars being impossible, there would be no stars in the first place. It's an endless paradox.

Not to mention the original title was "Universal Acceleration DEBUNKED", you changed it too "Universal Acceleration - How does the ISS stay up?" when in fact my evidence can be used to make multiple points, which im making right now.
Indeed, if you want to make threads about how right you are, rather than start discussions, do so in the Angry Ranting board.

If you'd like to propose an alternative thread title, feel free to PM me.

As for your 100 attempts at digressing from the subject: I'm sure they're riveting, but I'm not going to have multiple concurrent conversations in one thread.
I am right. You are wrong.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Total Eclipse July 02 2019
« on: May 15, 2019, 02:02:33 AM »
See these two links:
I read both links. How is it possible for the path of totality to be in the shape of a hill instead of a regular arc on the flat earth? This can be explained on the globe earth.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Total Eclipse July 02 2019
« on: May 14, 2019, 10:55:20 PM »
Can any FEr demonstrate how the Total Solar Eclipse of July 2nd 2019 is predicted under FE map and conditions?
How the FE Moon comes under the FE Sun on that particular path?

Hmm... and why is the path of totality curved? Seems odd.

Flat Earth Theory / How does the Sun Create Energy on a Flat Earth?
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:56:34 AM »
As we all know, the sun undergoes a thermonuclear process where it converts hydrogen to helium and into other elements which releases energy. How exactly can the Sun create energy on the Flat Earth?

Please show me something that is not

Taken / Endorsed / Paid / Founded / by the US Government / every other government.

No more comments asked :)  :-B  :D

If you can do this please double check its not CGI
Big facepalm. Are you implying that these photos are computer generated images just because they were taken by the US government?
Please show me something that is not

Taken / Endorsed / Paid / Founded / by the US Government / every other government.
Easy. The video below clearly displays the trip successfully taken to the South Pole, which is not paid for by the government. Instead, the company named "Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions" or ALE is what made the video possible.

In the description of this very video, it gives a link for other tourist agencies that are going to the South Pole too:

And here is the website:
Before you blurt out "CGI", the next departure is on December 14. It has a hefty price of 51k, which obviously I don't expect for you to pay for. But my point is that YOU can take this expedition yourself.

By this "Ice Wall" you probably mean large ice glaciers. Because there are pictures and videos available on YouTube showing a large ice glacier. Unfortunately, they use this to promote their claim that this is "proof" of an Ice Wall. This is not the game Learn to Fly 2, this is reality. Reality is there's no Ice Wall.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: 2 questions about flat earth
« on: May 07, 2019, 02:45:16 AM »
Gravity dose not exist, the earth simply accelerates up at 9.8 meters per second BUT
It would reach the speed of light, in which time stops.
Time does not stop when you reach the speed of light, but time would slow down for the person traveling at the speed of light. I'll let flat earthers answer your questions.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: 25 Questions for Flat Earthers!
« on: May 05, 2019, 02:02:49 AM »

Thork has a good point.  Even better, don't waste anyone's time and just use the search feature of the site to look up previous discussions on the 25 topics.  They most likely each have several threads each.

EarthNotFlat, I suggest you repost this and only have at a maximum of five questions, your five questions you're most interested in. 25 different answers for 25 different questions will not result in a great discussion.

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