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Flat Earth Community / Might need to amend the TFES homepage.....
« on: June 22, 2017, 09:42:43 PM »
Hi Guys!

It's been a while since I dropped in here. Life, you know....finds a way to step in the way of pleasure.
Anyway. When I finally DID have the time, and remembered to stop in, I notice two things.

In reverse chronological order:

- There looks to be an uptick in activity here as opposed to my last visit which was a sad state of affairs, since a topic that I'd started had lingered on the front page for a while. I'm glad to see it...but only because I adore the fencing back and forth between the RE and FE sides. It's a marvelous bouquet of point-counter-point, tinged with equal parts scientific observation, and juvenile barbs directed at an opponent's intellect. I've missed it.

- Secondly- and the main point of my post, is that on the front page, I see the link to the Shaquille O'Neal piece where he 'joins the flat earth movement.'
Being no stranger to academia, and having survived the 2016 US Presidential election, I decided to do some digging on this claim. The post was put up on March 21, and then immediately followed three days later by....numerous pieces indicating a backpedal, or- more accurately, a redaction of his claim calling it a joke.

Yet even three months later, it's showcased on the TFES front page like some sort of jewel, a peacock feather in the cap of the flat-earth world.

Did you not see his follow-up? Did you ignore it because, the lure of a big name was so blinding as to render the final word on the matter inconsequential? Or, is your web master just a little slow on the uptake?

Whatever the reason, methinks- should you desire any sort of serious consideration from your largely doubting's time to remove fallacy from your home page.

Much love, and....yeah, its great to be back


Flat Earth Theory / This Made Me Say 'Hmm....' - Planetary Shapes
« on: November 09, 2015, 04:59:38 PM »
What shapes are other celestial bodies? Moons, suns, planets....etc?

If they are spherical, why is the earth different than everything else? What physical laws prevented the earth from forming into a sphere like everybody else?

If they too are flat, how come the observable surface of each and every disc we can see is facing us dead-on?

- Why do none appear canted, sideways, or facing away? Even of the handful of celestial bodies we can see with telescopes from the surface of the earth, they're all 'looking' right at us. There'd have to be some serious faith in a geocentric model of the universe to support other celestial bodies being flat.

Any thoughts? To me, in order to legitimately justify a flat-earth model, you'd have to come up with a really, really watertight explanation as to why everything else is round and we aren't, or why all the other flat things in the universe are staring us dead-on in the face.

Please submit all explanations written on the back of a $20 bill, and PM for the address to mail it to.  :)

Flat Earth Community / Play a Hypothetical With Me.
« on: October 16, 2015, 03:42:03 PM »
This could sound absolutely absurd, but bear with me.
I'm not making an argument for one side or another here, this is just a question. 

I was on a popular news site which had an article about global climate change and polar ice melt.

A thought occurred and I had to get in here to see what your take would be.
Suppose.....that there really is an ice wall surrounding the outside edge of the earth. Suppose Antarctica is not a single continent as the globular model would have you believe, but spread over the edge of a disc-shaped earth.

What happens if global climate change kicks into high gear, or at the very least continues at its current rate and all that ice melts? Observable science is seeing massive chunks of ice being broken off and melting at an alarming rate.
What happens when part of the ice wall becomes thin enough to be breached by the weight of entire oceans behind it?

Alternative question for those of you who might be quick to dismiss global climate change as a hoax:

Hypothesize what would happen if the wall were not there to begin with, or what would happen if we artificially removed a chunk of it.

I realize that I'm going to be either ignored as a looney toon, or called horrible names and insulted by someone with bunchy underpants, but aren't hypothticals an important piece to science?

Flat Earth Theory / Scope of Conspiracy Seems Implausible
« on: October 05, 2015, 07:08:54 PM »
Good day. This is my first post, and I came here because I ran into a flat-earther (what do you call yourselves?) in another corner of the web. He claimed to have a truth that the rest of us didn't, and when I asked him a few questions, he vanished. He truly was not a great representative of your community. So, I came here to ask my question in the hopes that I can get a legitimate answer for what I think is the biggest piece of the puzzle.

Apologies if this is covered somewhere else- I did a cursory check before I posted this. If it is, please feel free to redirect me.

Let's say that the science you're citing holds water. I cannot debate any of that, as I am not well versed in science. I was a history teacher- which is where my question derives from.

If I am reading this right, The entire theory hinges on a global conspiracy. The world's governments have known your truth for centuries, yet it is kept from us. The 'why' is much less relevant than the 'how.'

Human nature has demonstrated itself to be fickle and unreliable any number of times. Entire generations have been devastated by wars started over minor political, religious, and social ideologies. Governments of many global powers have been toppled time and again by coups and revolutions. (Russian, French, American Revolutions to name a few) With the ebb and flow of governmental control, how do you think it is possible for such a conspiracy to have been protected from the masses for so long? How is it possible that an overthrown government which has caused much malice with its populace- able to convince an incoming power to keep such a secret?

The mere scope of the conspiracy alone seems implausible. Far too much seems to rely on far too many people for there to have not been (by now) some sort of massive leak- a major player in the global community coming forth to decree that everything we know is wrong.

In the age where we are starting to turn an eye to privatized space flights, why would these companies not be shut down immediately by governments for fear of exposure of such a secret? Instead of having them killed off, private companies seeking to go to space for commercial or tourist purposes are flourishing.

It is for THIS reason that I remain skeptical of the idea that the earth is a flat plane. There might be others- again if I were of a scientific mind- but I am not, so I focus on what I know, and I know that throughout the course of history millions of people have been killed simply for the name by which they call God...yet there is a global political conspiracy to hide the shape of the very planet these problems exist on?

I just have yet to be convinced.

Thank you.

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