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Update: Today 31 March 2016 11:56:27 PM by nametaken I am still working on this, but if ZC/Mods want to delete it for now, I can't stop you, go ahead. If you have seen it already, you know it needs a lot of work, and now it's been almost a month since I found FE, so I'm getting settled into the community and don't feel the pressure/drive like I used to to keep it up to date, but I will continue to work on it as I see fit. Enter people calling me a shill etc.

Current Post (Alpha) version: 0.0.034 v2. Currently removed for editing and consideration (P2 got locked). TFES not my personal blog~ when it's closer to completion and containing less personal opinion I'll consider reposting it; and leave the intro for now so it's apparent what the post contains:

Original Intro: "My workshop project is to create a thorough compendium/index of FE talking points (FETP), where others can add to/deconstruct; I don't know the exact extent to which any of these points have been investigated, other than what I present herein. *Disclaimer:* points presented, thus, are *as is*, from sources where cited. I do not modify any data, except where denoted. I neither own nor endorse any content; all belongs to their original agencies, thus all credit goes to them. I admit, I cannot argue many of these points; I present the arguments themselves rather than the facts typically, for now. Obviously, this post will be subject to editing. If I sound ignorant about something, it's probably because I am; I welcome feedback. Some points detract from common FETP; I will denote them with 'non-cFETP'; my biases. I'm working on bleeding these out to keep in the good faith of an index; the post as Guest now reads it, thus, is to be considered a 'work in progress'. Until then - sorry  :-[. *Disclaimer 2* in footnotes -End Intro"


That said, [the following are] the Most Common Talking Point Proofs/Errors I've encountered, in no particular order:

[removed until further notice]: I was not asked by ZC to take this down, but rather have done so out of respect for TFES, and my own considerations.
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