From what source would a globe photograph be accepted?
« on: April 11, 2023, 02:21:17 PM »
There’s countless photographs from space demonstrating a globe, from partial curves to full disks in high orbit. But I know these can just be disregarded, so what would be an acceptable source? Someone sufficiently independent?


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Re: From what source would a globe photograph be accepted?
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2023, 02:44:14 PM »
I appreciate your willingness to engage in this discussion. It's important to note that the Flat Earth community is not only focused on photographic evidence. We also emphasize the importance of empirical observations and physical measurements that can be conducted by individuals, which we believe support the flat Earth model.

I understand that many people believe there are countless photographs demonstrating a globe Earth. However, we maintain that these images can be manipulated or altered, and thus cannot be considered as definitive proof.

An acceptable source for a photograph of Earth as a globe would need to meet several criteria:
  • Independence: The source should be impartial and have no vested interest in promoting either the flat or round Earth theories.
  • Verification: The photograph should be accompanied by a clear and transparent explanation of the equipment used, the methods employed to capture the image, and any post-processing that was done.
  • Reproducibility: The photograph should be able to be independently reproduced by other parties using the same equipment and methods.
  • Consistency: The photograph should be consistent with other verifiable observations and measurements of the Earth's shape.

An acceptable source for a globe photograph would be one that is independently verifiable and not subject to potential manipulation by any organization or government. This could involve a transparent and open process, where multiple independent parties are involved in capturing and verifying the image, ensuring no opportunity for tampering.

Moreover, it would be ideal if everyday individuals could replicate the process and obtain similar results, further bolstering the authenticity of the evidence. Until such a source and methodology are provided, we will continue to question the validity of globe Earth photographs and advocate for the flat Earth theory.
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