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Sorry about the Tapatalk spam
« on: July 06, 2014, 09:49:41 AM »
It seems Tapatalk is fond of spamming out e-mails without telling anyone or asking permission first. I'd like to clarify two things: first and most importantly, we will never place advertisements on this website or try to sell you anything you don't want. I've neutered the code that sent the spam so that it won't do anything of the sort again. Second, we do not endorse the use of Tapatalk; we are simply providing it as a convenience for users who would like to use it.

To expand on the second point, here's my earlier rant on the matter:

I'd like to set one thing straight for the record. This isn't something we can feasibly support, as none of the admins uses Tapatalk and it duplicates a lot of SMF's own code (from an older version than we're using, in fact). This means that the Tapatalk part of the codebase is going to be missing a lot of our bug fixes, feature enhancements and performance improvements, both from SMF itself and from us.

I don't know how heavily Tapatalk relies on the SMF side of things, and I don't use it so I won't notice if things are broken. We will of course make a best effort to fix problems as they are reported, but the web interface is the one we primarily support and the one that is tested and considered to work well. If you report bugs with the forum using Tapatalk, we ask that you please also try to reproduce them using the web interface.

I'm not trying to be difficult, it's just that this code really isn't supportable the way it is. I'm more than willing to provide it as a convenience mechanism for people who want to use Tapatalk, but understand that in doing so, we can't guarantee that all of the problems we've fixed over the past eight months are going to be fixed for you.
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