First I appreciate all the hard work to make FE society.

I was asked by a friend why don’t we see Polaris (better known as pole star) from Southern Hemisphere if earth is flat?

Re: Why don’t we see Polaris star from the Southern Hemisphere?
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This is a question that FET cannot answer.  Nor can it answer why it is that we can't see the sun all day
as it rotates in its circular orbit above the flat plane of the earth.  Or why I can see it in Melbourne on the
southeast coast of Australia, but my friend in Perth on the west coast only 2,700km (1,677 miles) distant
can't—considering that according to FET, the sun is only 3,000 miles (4,800km) from the earth's surface.

The FET geometry doesn't make any sense—as to work, it would erroneously rely on the sun purportedly
acting like a spotlight on the earth's surface.

And, incidentally, one cannot see the Southern Cross constellation from Canada.   Again, FET can't explain this.