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Everyone knows the stuff you post in support of this supposed long distance flight does not really exist.

This route is flown 312 times a year. In fact, people are boarding at gate 57 right now.

Could you please tell me how you think this works? Do they have an empty gate in a busy international airport for an hour every day and no-one notices, not even the private company (Sydney Airport Holdings) that owns the airport? Or maybe tens of thousands of actors file through the gate every year and are whisked away in buses, and an empty plane takes off? Or they actually fly but the flight is mysteriously 15 hours late every day, despite all other information - flight radar, Johannesburg Airport website (, etc - saying it arrives around 4:35pm local time? No-one at that end notices that the plane doesn't arrive or no passengers disembark?

I'm really struggling with this one.
Yeah, I'm struggling with the claim you make there are 312 such flights a year.

No way, no how, there are that many people interested in making a trip from South Africa to Australia in a year, let alone virtually every day.

No justification for the flight to even exist.

For someone who constantly demands proof from others on what they say, you sure do make a truck load of assertions without any evidence or justification.

I met a large contingent of Australian florists in Nairobi 2 years back seeking to buy flowers from Kenyan farms. Flights from Nairobi to Sydney regularly go via Johannesburg. There's one justification for flights between J'burg and Sydney.

Like someone else mentioned here, Rugby is enjoyed by many in the Southern Hemisphere. The Super Rugby league has teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentuna taking part annually. Then there is tourism, education and what not.

I know you Northern Hemispherics seem to think nothing happens south of the equator. But down here be more than monsters strange things.

Flat Earth Investigations / Re: The Dark Side of the Moon
« on: January 03, 2019, 04:17:03 PM »
China have landed a craft on the "dark" side of the moon

Just for the record the craft had landed on the far side of the Moon which never faces Earth.  The Moons rotation means that all areas of the Moons surface are 'bright' or 'dark' for an equal period of time each phase cycle.

Wouldn't the near side of the moon be on average brighter than the far side? After all, it would get both sunlight and earthshine while the farside gets only sunlight.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Why can't FE use google maps to map out the world
« on: December 29, 2018, 06:41:06 AM »
I think flat earthers uaually say google maps are based on a flat earth but made to look like a spherical earth or something along those lines.

There is also the argument that anything not directly experienced cannot be accepted as evidence so your trip cannot be seen as validity or otherwise of google maps.

These are the usual arguments I have come across with respect to ecperiences such as yours.

I haven't done anything as adventurous as you but my brother used to ride cross country during his national service year. About 988km. All via google maps. I don't  remember him ever saying he got lost once.

Well there are already a large number of flat earth thinkers on youtube already casting aspersions on the flight. By saying "scientific equipment" cannot be taken aboard the flight, they are saying the flight is fake.

i dont believe it went into space, but thats not really the point.  this is about as worthless "proof" as one can provide to disprove anything.

OK, let's say it's not a proof, more of a thought experiment. 

If you don't believe it went into space (and you're correct about this), then why would the operators behind the non-mission make up a story about a mission failure, when the mission didn't happen?

A convenient excuse to get out of having to supply years of data.

Petabytes of information on the universe have already been  ::)"discovered" ::). A generating a few more terabytes of data will definitely not be an issue. If they have  ::)"faked" ::) so much already, why stop there? You know they still need to keep the money flowing in to be siphoned off to maintain the conspiracy anyway, so why present failures?

Shame this is the only flaw with fe i cant answer. The rest is easy. Lol
You claim that "The rest is easy". Would you then like to explain how, in the flat earth:
  • the angular size of the sun and moon can stay the same when the distance from the observer can vary by a factor of 3.

  • the sun can rise almost exactly due east everywhere, except close to either pole, on earth on every equinox.

  • both poles can receive 24 hour sunlight for a day or so either side of each equinox.

  • the South Pole can receive 24 hour sunlight from the (Northern Hemisphere) Fall Equinox to the Spring Equinox.

  • the width of Australia on the usual Ice Wall map is more than twice it's width in reality.
That will do for now.
1. Please simplify question
2. Research yourself to see visually
3. Same as q2
3.The fe map is projected from mercator map. Its like saying why is greenland so big when it isn't?

He does get you here Rab. Although his answers remind me of a guy at a job interview.

Interviewer: your resume says you are very fast with math calculations. What is 376 times 342 in base 7
Guy: 6466
Interviewer: that's not correct
Guy: true, but it was fast!

It's not 'brainwashing', it's a cast-iron fact that humankind has been sending orbital craft into space for over 70 years.
Goebbels would have a thing or two to say about this. Successful brainwashing becomes "not brainwashing" extremely easily.

Hello Pete. Before we derail this into the various brainwashings and all, I'd like to know what you have done to verify that the model of the flat earth you subscribe to is valid.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Do constellations remain the same shape?
« on: May 31, 2018, 03:44:52 PM »
The FE hypothesis is that all these stars lie on a flat rotating disc, whose centre of rotation is Polaris, where Polaris lies 3,000 miles directly above the North Pole. The disc rotates anti clockwise.

This is the correct FE map, not the unipolar map:

The global Piri Reis map.

If you go to Ecuador, which is on the equator (hence its name) and set up a time lapse 360 degree camera, you will see that looking north the stars rotate counter-clockwise, while looking south they rotate clockwise. Looking east you will see them moving up, while looking west you will see them moving down. All of this is easily explained by a rotating spherical Earth.

It cannot be explained at all on spherical Earth.

Here is the latest and most extraordinary research done on star trails to date, including this stunning picture which completely confirms the FE model I have been proposing here all along, two poles, northern and southern circumpolar star paths and regular star orbits:

Note also the divergent path of the stars at the equator (angular distance between stars varies; this could not happen on a spherical earth).

Here is another well known photograph showing the same thing:

The stars are moving in circles around the north and the south poles: that is why there will be divergence at the equator, something which cannot occur in the RE scenario.

Other photographs showing the same thing:

Facts which are unknown to most RE:

It is well known that the North and South Magnetic Poles do not coincide with the geographical poles, as they should were the Earth a solid sphere, convex at its poles. The reason why the magnetic and geographical poles don't coincide is because, while the magnetic pole lies along the rim of the polar opening.

In support of the above conception regarding the magnetic pole being situated in the rim of the polar opening, Palmer refers to the following facts: Between each magnetic pole around the Earth pass magnetic meridians. In contrast with geographical meridians, which measure longitude, the magnetic meridians move from east to west and back again. The difference between the geographical meridians, or true north and south, and the direction in which a magnetic compass points, or the magnetic meridian of the place, is called the declination. The first observation made was in London in 1580 and showed an easterly declination of 11 degrees. In 1815 the declination reached 24. 3 degrees westerly maximum. This makes a difference of 35. 3 degrees change in 235 years, which is equal to 2,118 miles. Now if we make a circle around the Pole, with a radius of 1,059 miles, so that it is 2,118 miles in diameter, this would represent the rim of the polar opening along which, in this case, the North Magnetic Pole traveled from one point to its diametrically opposite point on the circle, 2,118 miles away, in 235 years.

This is the reason why the magnetic pole and the geographical pole do not coincide.

According to Marshall Gardner, the rim of the polar opening, which is the true magnetic pole, is a large circle 1,400 miles in diameter.

If the Earth was a solid sphere, with two poles at the end of its axis, being a magnet, its magnetic poles would coincide with its geographical poles. The fact that they do not is inexplicable on the basis of the theory that it is a solid sphere. The explanation becomes clear when we assume the existence of polar openings, with magnetic poles along the circular rim of these openings, rather than at a fixed point.

No one has ever discovered either the North or the South Pole:

The Earth cannot be a solid sphere if the geographical and the magnetic south pole do not coincide.

There are only two theories which account for this: HE and FE.

HE can be dismissed immediately since there is no curvature at the surface of the Earth.

The fact that the Earth's magnetic field is NON DIPOLAR cannot be explained by modern science, especially in the view of the only accepted hypothesis, the dynamo theory.

The non dipolar feature is explained ONLY by HE and FE.

Since HE can be ruled out immediately due to the fact that there is no curvature at the surface of the Earth, we are left with FE.

Certainly it relates to the FE model, since it is the only one which can explain why the geographical and the magnetic poles do not coincide.

You do spend an inordinate amount of time denying simple facts, making blanket statements with no basis and no proof.

Counter rotating stars have been observed and their "divergence" explained perfectly well by the spherical earth.

That the magnetic and geographical poles do not coincide has been perfectly explained on a spherical earth.

The North and South magnetic and geographical poles are well known and have had humans at thise locations for hundreds of years.

Your denying them makes no difference to the fact. It is just as if you deny the fact that direc floghts from sydney to santiago exist and are not done at supersonic speeds.

Round earthers (read that to mean scientists and philosophers from the time of the ancient Greeks) tried different experiments to prove or verify different aspects of scientific hypothesis before these became theories and or laws that mainstream science follows today. Since flat earth thinking assumes mainstream science lies, I don't want to suggest what experiments they should do. I just want zetetic thinkers to say what they are doing themselves to verify their hypothesis, to prove them.

Flat Earth Community / What is being done to prove the flat earth?
« on: May 28, 2018, 03:39:51 PM »
A good number of flat earth thinkers call themselves Zetetists. They seek the truth. This is fine and good. This website is full of theories and models that have been put foward to discern the truth of the earth's shape.

So what then is being done to verify which of the various models and theories is the correct one? It is not enough to hypothesise a means to explain what is seen. Steps must be taken to verify the accuracy of said hypothesis as a function of truly seeking the truth.

Can any of the many original thinkers in this forum state the steps they are taking to verify their flat earth models?

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Guide to Creating a Flat Earth Map
« on: May 25, 2018, 07:03:34 AM »
Common people. You are falling for a classic Tom Bishop play. Muddy the waters and divert attention away from the post flat earth tinking can't handle. This thread isn't about perspective.

I think there are enough people on this forum to measure the angles and direction of the sun from different cities. All observations can be posted in a thread created for that purpose. A rough estimation of distances can be taken to see if it matches what we have been "told".

If nothing else, it would show the inability of the flat earth community to produce a map is due to their unwillingness to be proved wrong by their own observations.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Neutrinos
« on: May 20, 2018, 12:21:50 PM »
Well, I guess it depends on if flat earth thought agrees neutrinos exist or if they are considered to be a part of the conspiracy.

However, your comment on neutrinos makes me think of the large body of work done by philosphers, scientists and people of various dispositions concerning the workings of the physical work. Documentations, peer review, published work and such for at least 2 millennia, all agreeing the earth is an oblate spheroid orbiting a g type yellow dwarf within a massive galaxy of billions of other stars and building the technology of the world we know today. Researchable, revieable, learnable, falsifiable. Neutrinos and their behavior being a miniscule part of the great throng, and someone tells me all of that is just a conspiracy? I don't get it.

So they kept no records to destroy proof that they "robbed the bank". But yet the conspiracy has been pretty much very self consistent. How would that happen?

Flat Earth Community / Re: Is it irrational to believe Flat Earth?
« on: May 12, 2018, 07:39:49 PM »
Does dismissing all evidence for a round earth count as irrationality?

I am asking because I am not sure I understand your meaning of irrational. As a word, it is something that gets thrown around so often that it's meaning is more "felt" than "defined". But I "feel" that the continued dismissal of evidence with no reasonn for that dismissal is as irrational as it can get.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: The Horizon is Always at Eye Level
« on: May 05, 2018, 03:25:23 PM »
In my opinion, the term Zetetic as with regards to flat earth means "accept any statements about observation that supports flat earth"

Few flat earthers ever conduct any sort of experiments with a view to removing  possible errors or even designing experiments that have a sound basis in the first place. Flat earth research is mainly watching flat earth youtube videos sprinkled with pointless spirit- levels -on -airplanes attempt to find a dip that by it's nature shouldn't even be there in the first place.

This is a thread 5 pages long with the only 2 flat earth responses being "you cannot be anywhere near Rowbotham's accuracy" and "I'm out because you all don't understand us as we don't understand math". You would expect the so called Zetetics to be out in force trying to design an experiment that they can all do to observe for themselves. But noooo. Much easier to watch youtube.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Question about flight times
« on: May 03, 2018, 06:04:34 PM »
I saw a youtube video by a guy called TigerDan trying to create a map based on flight times. Fella ended up with 2 Australias. I just came about a video from same guy debunking Flat Earth as he saw that the map couldn't work primarily because of this problem.

Most flat earth theorists try to work around this problem by either saying these flights do not exist, or that the flights take a longer time/different route than they claim - basically an extension of the conspiracy.

I think there are just too many ways to excuse away these simple facts that it really is just simpler to say the southern hemisphere has more or less the same surface area as the northern hemisphere - only possible on a sphere.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Common sense?
« on: April 29, 2018, 02:21:40 AM »
The difference is with those “deceptions” is we know that we are being “deceived”.
I don’t quite agree about the ownership, I do own my home BUT the mortgage provider have a claim on it if I can’t keep up the payments.

If you have to make home mortgage payments then you don't own your home.

Do you own an apple if you have to make payments to someone?

Money is made up but you have to have some system now we have moved on from bartering.
Diamonds, like all commodities, are worth what people are willing to pay for them.

Money used to be backed by a gold system. And even in that old system it was still a scam -- the bank could lend out 10 times more money than the gold was valued at. These days there isn't a gold reserve at all in most countries.

None of this is quite the same as a huge worldwide deception which must be going on to hide the truth of the flat earth from us, and why? Why is this such a terrible truth which must be hidden from us poor saps?

They aren't "hiding a Flat Earth". They are perpetuating the idea that Space Travel is possible, which they had to do to win the Cold War. They are simply mistaken on the earth's shape.

I see a pretty typical tactic here, we have gone from asking why nearly half a million people are lying to the rest of the world about a space programme that cannot exist if the earth were flat (plus millions of navigators and pilots) yet what does Tom do? Asks off topic ridiculouss questions about mortgages and the banking system! Well done for another attempt to derail, deflect the discussion away from a subject you are clearly uncomfortable to discuss.

I for one am not uncomfortable about discussing it.

I would be one of the people in the “conspiracy” as i need to take my ship to different places on the earth, and arrive when i say we are going to, and use the fuel we say we are going to. All based on RE, and it works. So if the round Earth were a conspiracy, then i would be part of the bunch of people who are conspiring to do so. I can assure there is not any such conspiracy.

No. Not part of the conspiracy. According to Tom's last post, you are simply mistaken as to the shape of the earth.

So how does that mistake translate to things based on that mistake actually working? Tontogary apparently uses a mistaken system to drive his boat across the flat earth? And gets to his destination? All the time? That, to me, is even more incredulous than "they" trying to hide the flat earth for religious purposes.

Flat Earth Investigations / Re: satellite hoax
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:27:54 AM »
I wonder how heavy a dome made of sapphire would be. Is there any way that material (or any material we know about) is strong enough to be that big and not fall apart?
Beyond my abilities to work that out but I suspect not.

That would be because apparently the dome was created by someone with much greater abilities than yours.
As to the sapphire, we can blame that on Apple trying to use sapphire glass for their communication devices. The best I could find was using saphire as a substrate in semi conductors because of its excellent electrical insulating properties and high thermal conductivity.

So, no. A sapphire dome doesn't help you bounce radio signals.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Ice wall - the empirical evidence
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:32:06 AM »
To conclude from the points raised in the posts, there is no empirical evidence for the ice-wall, there is no empirical evidence for the alternative contradictory projections of a flat earth, there is plenty of empirical evidence for global distances between cities, and the ice wall wiki page cherry-picks source material for anything that can be misinterpreted as supporting evidence to give the appearance of credence whilst ignoring the huge bulk of the same source material that explicitly rejects the flat earth position. Nice one.

Expanding your comment,

To conclude from the points raised in the posts, there is no empirical evidence for the ice-wall, there is no empirical evidence for the alternative contradictory projections of a flat earth, there is plenty of empirical evidence for global distances between cities but Tom and his flat earthers believe in an ice wall, believe in an infinite plane, believe in a conspiracy, believe in bendy light (no emperical evidence of any of these) but reject distances between cities in both North and South (plenty of corroborated evidence for these)

And you say flat earthism isn't a belief.

There is no Round Earth Society.

There is no question about what the earth looks like except in the minds of a few people who well, don't mind much.

Mr Tyson expresses his views about science and being a qualified astro physicist, his views are respected especially as they are right.

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