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...ISS ever captured them on video? Maybe because both the ISS and satellites in general are hoaxes and the alleged ISS video footage of space is faked?

Even if humans could somehow create a way to travel through time, it would be limited to the lifespan of the person or machine doing the traveling. After all, wouldn't traveling back in time simply "deconstruct" the time machine or "regress" the person's aging to his birthday and no further? But a time machine and person cannot travel past the point in time in which they were created because all that time traveling is is undoing what has already happened or what will happen...and that includes aging and entropy, right? How can a time machine or a person travel to a time before they came into existence? Time traveling to the past would end on the day the time machine was created. The same applies to traveling to the future: it would be impossible for a person to travel past his time of death. We are limited to the day we die. A lot of people believe time traveling would simply create parallel universes, but I see no evidence for that. Time travel would be limited to the lifespan of the person or machine. It's interesting that it's mostly round earthers who buy into the nonsense that time traveling thousands of years into the past and thousands of years into the future is possible (in theory). That's not thinking critically. But here I have debunked the whole thing.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Was the sandy hook shooting a hoax
« on: January 13, 2018, 08:50:40 PM »
Was it a staged shooting? I believe so.  There's no evidence a shooting happened (video evidence, photos of dead bodies, etc), no investigation into the shooting by independent researchers (how could they? The school was torn down immediately after the alleged shooting), and there is much inconsistencies about the whole thing. So, by default, I am forced to conclude that it is more logical to believe a shooting never happened, and because of the many inconsistencies (sealing evidence, father of a victim laughing before changing mood, etc), I'm not convinced that the official narrative can stand scrutiny. I think that the alternative explanations are somewhat better (though I admit that I'm open-minded to all sides). It looks like the only real evidence of a shooting is the testimonies, which aren't consistent and which are not evidence. If I am to accept testimony as evidence, am I not committing a logical fallacy? Am I not appealing to authority? Why not accept eyewitness testimony of Bigfoot or aliens as fact if I am to accept the sandy hook shooting testimonies as fact? Why is more weight given to one source of testimonies than the other? Because one involves the government's involvement? Again, isn't that fallacious and appealing to authority? What are your thoughts? Please, I want serious answers, for this is a serious inquiry. Thanks!

If flat earth theorists are wrong about Antarctica, why don't round earthers PROVE it by going to the "south pole" to debunk us?

Well, it seems simple enough to me. Right? Most flat earth theorists (myself included) believe traveling to the "south pole" is off limits to people. I get that there was amundsen who THOUGHT he made it to the south pole, but why haven't round earthers in modern times with more advance technology gone to the "south pole" to prove us wrong in a more precise way?

Round earthers have no excuse. They have the funding and do not believe they would be denied entry to the south pole. So, why have they never gone to the south pole to debunk us? Maybe because flat earth theorists are correct and the round earthers know it? They demand us with our little support, funding, and backing to perform such an elaborate and expensive endeavor. How ludicrous! We're literally incapable of doing such due to our status in society. But what exactly is stopping the round earthers?

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